Curse you Thrice, venomous detritus of the unknown!

Ol’ compy finally got to that point today.  You know the one?  Where some error message (every time it’s something different) pops up right after start-up and, even though you click “OK” about a million times, it keeps popping up every 3 seconds.

After seeing that, plus the earlier lame performance of it’s Warcraft III duties, I decided it was time to take measures. 

True fact:  I ran the spyware program (2 of them actually) and apparently my entire operating system is high threat and needed to be removed.

Not exactly true, really.  But it did remove, or quarantine, what turned out to be pretty essential to booting up explorer.exe.  For those who know what explorer.exe is, you will appreciate my consternation.

So I stayed up about an hour longer than I wanted to, and my C drive is now happily sanded down by format-grit sandpaper and with a nice new coat of re-installed XP.

I blame all those who decided they could try to get rich for no effort and built bad software to attack my system when I go online.

Thricely I curse ye.



2 Responses to “Curse you Thrice, venomous detritus of the unknown!”

  1. Ben Says:

    I had a piece of spyware once that called itself explorer.exe. It would install itself everytime you booted up and would only let you visit its creator’s website. That was an aggravating week. Best of luck with your problem.

  2. Cornelius Says:

    Friggin’ Explorer! Your Mother was a Commodore and your Father Smelt of Cooling Fan!

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