Holiday reports, sir.

The biting pain!It started snowing at about 4:45. I just measured it (current time 10:20). We’re up to 15 inches.

I’m secretly hoping to be seriously snowed in by morning, but the snow had better be gone by 4 pm, cause I have to work. I’m not looking forward to going back to working even occasionally at applebees. Last time I worked there I came home with a week’s worth of back pains.

Christmas was pretty great. The only thing I didn’t like was the great discomfort of a bed different from the one I’m used to. For Christmas santa brought us the original star wars trilogy on dvd, and a new set of fancy silverware for special occasions. Also truckloads of chocolate.


5 Responses to “Holiday reports, sir.”

  1. Talia Lee Says:

    that’s all? You can share the chocolate with me. and you still have some monitors to blow up…:D

    me, i got a new computer

  2. Talia Lee Says:

    oh yeah, just had to add this little bitty, about the snow, at least you don’t have to walk in it! up bast me combat boots it is! my legs are sore just from walking to work this morning!

  3. Ben Says:

    Yar, Santa brought me an 2 Xbox games for those cold nights at sea. P-)

    DDR Ultramix 3 and Winning Eleven (Soccer)

  4. anah Says:

    I think we got a total of 18 inches in Cedar City. I had to drive through that storm. Luckily I got off at the 2nd C.C. exit to spend New Years with Adam and Heather. I’ll probably be here through the week. Adam built a 7′ Snowman that started to lean precariously toward the window. He fixed it and now it’s better. He put the face, etc. toward the window so the kids could see it from inside. :-) I like Cedar City. I even like the snow.
    I had a great Christmas with my family, much better than anticipated. They’re actually happy.
    So yay!

  5. Cornelius Says:

    I got a leather jacket and the James Dean attitude to go with it. I also got to go to my childhood friend’s bachelor party. We went bowling. It was wicked awesome!

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