Movie Night: 1 Established and 3 Unknowns

I wanted to see Ocean’s Twelve again, so I skidded on down to the 99 cent rental place and got it and three movies I hadn’t seen or heard anything about. It was kind of a cool concept. I usually don’t risk getting anything I might not like, but for a dollar each I only risk wasting time.

1. Ocean’s Twelve. You know I like the movie, or else I wouldn’t have rented it again. I’ve watched it twice since I’ve had it. It’s good, but it will never sit on my shelf next to its predecessor. There are a couple things about it that always bothered me.

First, the whole Julia Roberts-playing-herself-playing-herself thing gets me. It’s breaking the cardinal rule of filmmaking. We, the audience, have to suspend our disbelief in the first place that George Clooney is actually Danny Ocean, and Julia Roberts is his lovely wife, Tess. It’s a bad idea to shatter that illusion; it ruins the whole idea of film and it seems unprofessional. Besides, I don’t want to see movies about actors. If I did, I’d get them from “E” Television.

Second, it is troublesome that most of the action in the movie is a ruse to throw off the antagonist. The “how they did it” twist in the end is nothing more than the old switcheroo on a train. It’s anticlimactic, me thinks. It reminds me of that show “Dallas” where they made an entire season be just the dream of an autistic boy. I think that was grounds for getting the show cancelled. Major Buzzkill, guys.

Like I said before, I do like the movie. I’m looking forward to this “Ocean’s 13” they are working on.

2. Charlotte Gray. Never heard of it. I rented it because it is a world war 2 spy movie, it stars Cate Blanchet, and it was in the thriller section. It’s about a French educated British woman who goes to a small French town to help the resistance, saves two Jewish boys, and falls in love with a resistance fighter. It is based on a book and could be a true story. That would explain the slow action of the film and the main character’s nearly insignificant spying duties. No microfilm stealing in this one, guys. This movie should be hidden in the drama section… deep in the drama section. I wasn’t thrilled at all. But the film did increase my already healthy dislike for the French. Le Divorce did that too (I was snowed in at a motel with one movie channel).

3. The Recruit. Never heard of it. It stars Al Pacino and Collin Farrell who was fresh from his portrayal of an uber-gay Alexander. This one was also in the Thriller section. It’s about a top-of-class MIT guy who is recruited by the CIA and sent on a mole hunt.  This movie is a dead on example of what a thriller should be. There are some great plot twists and a hearty dose of action. The coolest thing about this film is the depiction of CIA training. I don’t think that there is another film that shows anything about it. They brought in CIA consultants to explain how it should look and feel. I would recommend this film to a friend. Especially if it only costs 99 cents.

4. Waiting. I had seen a preview for it, but never knew anybody who had seen it. From what I had seen, I had no idea it would be so crude. But the warning “Rated R for Crude and Sexual Humor” should have clued me in. I honestly can’t believe how many F-words were in this film. It has to be some kind of record.

The film is about a guy who realizes that he will never get anywhere in life if he keeps working at Applebees… er Shenaniganz. It depicts the crazy attitudes that some people get when they go to a place where they are being served, and also shows the juvenile ways that these waiters and cooks get revenge. Seriously, don’t mess with people who have access to your food while you’re not watching. The movie was pretty funny, but I wouldn’t take my mom to see it. (True story: I took my dad to see “Wedding Crashers” thinking it was innocent.  OY! Big mistake.)

I’d love to hear about what you guys are watching, preferably in a new post.

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