Mid-Nineties Gaming

I’ve discovered a new level of awesomeness. I figured out how to run playstation games on my Xbox and have been opened up to the wealth of entertainment that is the PSOne. Well, I really only have one game, but–oh man–it’s a classic.

It’s Final Fantasy VII. Some believe that it is the best one in the entire series. So far, I have to agree. Although I do care a great deal for Final Fantasy II on SNES.

I was first introduced to FF7 in 1998 by my neighbor Chad in B216. I said, “Hey, what’s this?” and he said with a blank expression and staring at the TV, “Dude… you gotta play it.” I think I spent like five hours over there that day. I even found myself humming the battle song sometimes. But the game would remain a pipe dream because I wasn’t willing to buy a playstation for one game.

Now, nearly ten years later, I’ve finally realized that dream. And I don’t even have to play my emulated game on the computer. This one’s for you Chad… wherever you are.

In other news, I was pretty excited to hear that Squaresoft is making a Final Fantasy for the Xbox, but apparently it’s also one of those online deals like World of Warcraft. NOT INTERESTED… maybe. We’ll see.


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