Friends and Organs. Not Spleens. Musical Organs.

Goat in treeI may actually write something if I just sit here in front of the screen long enough…

Yesterday was one of the best trips I’ve had in a long time.  Me, Kayeleen and Blaine all piled in the car and drove up to the north country for the day.  Highlights include:

1. Lunch with Julia in which all were filled to maximum stowage by the delicious foods of Carrabba’s.  Yummers.

2.  An hour or so spent at Jared and Erin’s house, where I laughed till I almost cried, and we finally got to meet Brett, while Sophie showed us a couple of her princess outfits.

3.  Ryan and Kellie’s reception and dinner at the Organ Loft in Salt Lake City, where there was much uniting of friends, laughing, and watching a cool organ that filled every wall of the building.

These events, when read by somebody who isn’t me, probably seem at least partially dull and uninteresting.  To me, these things represent a great day spent with people I love.  I am unable to think of anything more valuable to me – even the knowledge that goats can climb trees.



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