Disney things

Tonight we played some “Scene It: Disney.” Which I had never heard of nor played before. It was fun. This led me to think of the times I spent in Disneyland and also made me wonder why no “Song of the South” questions came up in the game.

That is a discussion for people who care.

But in my musings I did remember a great show called “Billy Hill and the Hillbillys” we saw while in Disneyland. It was really a high point of the trip. Using my new-found youtube prowess, I discovered the majority of their show as performed when we saw it last summer. It’s missing one of the best parts (when the main guy, billy, describes how he was never able to fiddle properly until he got some fake buck-teeth) and it’s not the highest quality video (like you can hardly see the buck teeth or the part where the fiddle bow goes up the guy’s nose. I don’t know why the guy who made the video didn’t zoom in. sheesh.) but it’s a fun show nevertheless. I’m sure that people who haven’t been there to see it in person will probably say it was dumb and boring, but there’s a huge difference between watching it live and watching a grainy video on youtube.

In fact, there’s such a big difference, I don’t think I’m going to give you the link.

Okay, I’ll give it to you if you promise to agree it’s both hilarious and entertaining.


Those who think their hillbilly-free disneyland adventures are superior are not invited to watch. Nyah.


P.S.  Song of the South is also on youtube.


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