Doing Things Makes me Happy.

Yearggghh!My last class of the day was canceled, so I found myself with a surplus hour.  I immediately thought of some things that I knew had to be done sometime in the time between now and then, but I didn’t really want to do it.  Then I just said “I’m gonna do these things and I’m not going to let myself think about not doing them.”  So I did.

I just find it remarkable how much of a difference it makes to have things done.  I feel remarkably good.  Although this good feeling will probably fade as I sit in boredom in the computer lab.  So I figured I had better post it for all to see and for me to remember: It feels better to accomplish something than it does to sit and be entertained.


I went today into the classroom where I first learned HTML.  Back then it was a lab full of top of the line hardware.  I’m talkin’ 133 MHz processors, 13 inch monitors, zip drives.  Yeah.  It was the height of geekiness.  The whir of cooling fans overwhelmed all conversation and we immersed ourselves into programming bliss.  It was on that day that the blink tag was discovered and voted “best HTML tag ever” by all involved.

It’s different now.  The lab now boasts dual flat screen 19 inch monitors, 2.9 GHz processors, 1 gig of RAM, and cooling fans so silent you can hear every keystroke.  In a way, it pains me.  But in a much bigger way it makes me giggle.

No food or drink allowed,


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