Help From the Parents

I’m sitting in the computer lab, avoiding my statistics homework.  There’s a kid in here doing some homework for one of his classes.  The weird thing is that his parents are here too, helping him do it.  Both parents.  It’s like a committee on how to best do the assignment (which is relatively simple and the student in question seems capable of doing).  They’ve printed out the assignment a couple of times and one parent or another has had suggestions of how to improve the results.

This is just weird.

Am I the only one who would feel awkward with parents taking such an active role in these aspects of life?  Cause I can’t imagine having either one of my parents showing up to school – no matter how much free time they may have – and helping me do homework assignments.

I never understood, the frequency.  Uh huh.


8 Responses to “Help From the Parents”

  1. Talia Lee Says:

    all i can say to that is wow. and if my parents ever did that to me, i’d probably have to hurt them. :D

  2. Ben Says:

    Now for the truly frightening part: this is not a one time occurence. This is clearly part of a pattern that has been going on for years. The youth in question is probably to intimidated to attempt a large assignment on his own.

    Maybe getting busted for plagiarism will help the boy grow up.

  3. Cornelius Says:

    Sometimes parents are so obsessed with thier children getting good grades that they will stunt his/her growth as a person in order to achieve said grades. I love my parents, but I stopped telling them about my homework assignments so that it would actually be my work that I turned in, not theirs. Is it the product’s fault it has a defect, or the mold’s?

  4. Talia Lee Says:

    Sorry, here, Ben. I saw a grammatical error in your comment, and being the English major that I am, i have to mention it. The quote of “The youth in question is probably to intimidated….” is the culprit. the use of the word to should be “too” instead.+-

    That is all.

    You may all now tease/whatever at my english geekiness.

  5. BenSKI Says:

    This might be quite a shock to you, Miss Lee, but I have a degree in English. Since you have have deemed it necessary to point out a TYPOGRAPHICAL error (the kind that occurs when you type too fast), let’s go head and talk about your opening fragment: “Sorry, here, Ben.” So you have an implied subject. Got it. But what is the function of “, here,” in the sentence? Where is here? Is it the village? That would make the sentence “Sorry, village, Ben?” I’m affraid that’s utter nonsense.
    I assume you were going for a colloquialism, as in “Sorry here, Ben,” a statement that would mean something like “I’m sorry on my end, Ben.” However, the ambiguous colloquialism combined with a poorly placed coma turn your clever observation’s opening sentence into poop.

    Also, we English majors typically capitalize “English” and “I” because they are proper nouns (nouns that are one of a kind).

    In truth, I saw the “to/too” mix up the moment I posted the comment, but this troublesome site doesn’t allow you to edit comments unless you wrote the post (I’ve tried). In short, I suggest that we don’t play grammar-cop with comments. English is about recursive writing, not pointing out a booboo that can’t be fixed.

    Geez, guys! This friendly village is getting to be like a town in the old west: there’s always some young punk trying to prove herself.

  6. Cornelius Says:


  7. Greg Says:

    youm’s is both are also i figgure if n e body need grammer hlp is definetly the backstroke of the west not uther peeps on the site dawgs :) i am so sure us nobody care bouts grammer things what you think let me know !!!!!! :):):)

  8. Talia Lee Says:

    As I said, it was something I chose to not let myself help, but was meant more as a non-offensive comment as more of a comment upon myself and my apparent ENGLISH geekiness. Alas, for the internet and the use of chat and email have all corrupted me in causing a desire for laziness in which i often find myself falling. perhaps we shall have to have a long drawn out chat about this at some future date. i know this made greg laugh and that makes it all worth it.

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