The Mystery Solved at Last! Greg Triumphs Over the Devil of Statistics!

Congrats, chum!

It’s time to pull out the Henry Weinhards and celebrate. I have experienced the joy of “triumph over mathematics.”

Set the wayback machine to 1987. In the deliciousness of the springtime I was in 2nd grade (I think). We now go to my math class. I don’t remember the name of the teacher, but I remember she had curly hair and a big chalkboard. For math on the day in question, teacher had 2 dice. She asked the class “If we roll these dice 50 times, what number will come up most often?” Everybody voted for the number they thought would win. I think I picked 3. It may have been 5.

The teacher, on the other hand, wrote some mystical combination of numbers on the board. She was muttering some sort of witchcraft as she drew lines we didn’t understand and ended up with a kind of square of numbers. She looked at it for a minute and then put her name under the column for number 7. One student added her own vote to teachers.

I thought “What is this new devilry?” and squinted my eyes suspiciously. However, I felt confident since only 2 people in total had voted for seven. My constituents and I were prepared to ride it out.

50 rolls later there was a new student we all thought of as teacher’s pet. Then there was lunch in the gymnasium.

Wednesday my college stats class began our study of probability. This included the introduction of a cool square chart that lists all the possibilities of two dice.

The circle is complete.

In other triumphs: I got back my first quiz (read test) in statistics. I had been concerned because I turned it in before anybody else in class. Usually that kind of speed means I don’t have any idea what I’m doing. Currently a quiz with a big 100% is hanging on my refrigerator.

It feels more w00+y than fighting back an army of a million zergling.


One Response to “The Mystery Solved at Last! Greg Triumphs Over the Devil of Statistics!”

  1. val Says:

    Ira Glass was/is in Utah this week to push his new TV (?) series at Sundance. He held some cool little lunch get-together, but it was $75/seat, plus, it was in the middle of a school day.

    Glad stats are going well. Scott’s enrolled in that as well this spring. Good luck with the hoped-for internship.

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