My Secret Love: Amazon dot Com.

Sexy BeastMost of the time when I find myself avoiding work and scholastic endeavors I find myself on looking at the latest non-news and weird websites.  Once that shallow bucket runs dry I find I turn my attention to sites of retail like Ebay and Amazon.  I find that I learn a lot about the world and what’s out there when I go to amazon.  When I go to Ebay I find out what kind of people are out there and how insane they are.

After discovering the bizzare baby blob on amazon a couple days ago, I decided to see what other random things I could find there.  The list follows, complete with links.

A tour of the world’s cheddar:  22.99 Two pounds of cheddary lovin from all across this delicious globe.  I think this, more than anything else on the list, tempted me today.

Aneroid sphygmomanometer (in cobalt blue carrying case): 26.99 If you knew what it was you wouldn’t waste your time clicking it.

Gas pump liquor dispenser: 21.97 I think if it dispensed hot maple syrup I would want it for me breakfast table.

decibel measurer: 23.67 They say it’s a “must have” for calibrating your home theater.  I say if you vibrate the portraits off the wall you’ve got it about right.

Beating Unusual Cancers Mug:  11.95 I don’t know why this is, but I know you can get it from

Pink Tool Belt:  24.99  How much would you pay for it?

Awesome Pocket Tool:  19.95  This is actually a “pocket” tool I wouldn’t mind having in my pocket, as opposed to those behemoth leathermans that pass as ‘pocket sized.’

Yes, obviously the site is cool.  Not as cool as thinkgeek, but still cool.

you don’t know why, but you’re dyin’ to try,


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