Back at last, Awesome pending

Shwooot!Some may know, I have my very own web comic.  It’s at

Okay, it isn’t entirely mine…

or mine in any way whatsoever.  But Cube is too uninspired to think of his own username for WordPress, and Rodney is too busy / procrastinatey, so I claim it as my own in defiance of all ye!

Actually, the website is back up with a new look, interface, and comic, and looking better than ever.  In addition to being a stunningly handsome website designer/programmer, Cube is finally starting to get a feel for what he wants to do with this ‘comick’ medium and how it ought to look, which adds a lot to the comic.  Rodney is starting to learn how to condense long, entertaining stories that only a few would ‘get’ into 4 or 5 panel hilarity for all.   There’s only one new issue, so far, and it looks great.   It’s funny,  but not yet to laugh-out-loud-till-intestines-burst funny.  I’m hoping that the two of them get the groove on and produce the high-level hilarity I know they’re capable of. 

Basically I just wanted to cheer them on and tell them to get back the Forum again so I can comment right on the site.



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