More thieves and scams

I put a few items for sale on ebay recently.  I believe I mentioned before the fiasco about the guy from Nigeria who wanted to buy a projector from me off of craigslist.  Well, it’s kinda the same deal this time.  An account that claims to be a person from England bids 500 dollars (an unholy amount for an old projector with no lamp.) for the item, thus outdoing all other bids and preventing the item from reaching its potential value. 

Once again, I got a fake email from paypal that said “Payment has been made.”  Once again the buyer said “I’m from (insert other location) please ship this to Nigeria.” 

The ol’ angry juice started flowing, and I responded with an email quoted here:

Don’t try to scam me. 

Why do you want to be a thief?  Don’t you care about being a good person?

So, surprisingly, I got an email back today:

“Thanks for the mail,well is not that i intead in scaming people but due to the econ of my country that was make me to scam.

so am very sorry……..”

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2 Responses to “More thieves and scams”

  1. Sports Bettor Says:

    Wow. I can’t believe that you got an email back. I always assumed those guys used fake email addresses and never really checked them.

    Anyway, I would still contact EBay, PayPal and the FTC. I hate scammers.

  2. Cornelius Says:

    If you give me his address, the next time I’m in Nigeria I’ll go talk to him. See if I can’t persuade him to see things our way.

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