Fort Benning is my Graceland (But Fort Erwin still isn’t Disneyland)

I’ve been out of the loop for some time now. To bring you up to speed, I’ve begun my basic officer courses at FT Benning, Georgia. I can’t believe how cool this place is. I had pictured a nightmarish jungle with strange creatures roaming and waiting for their chance to strike. I mean, what’s an armadillo really? Something like an armored rat, but bigger. Luckily, I haven’t seen any of those around.

 What is cool to me is the history. It’s as if this place is imbued with the spirits of ancient warriors. Walking through the Infantry Center is like walking through the halls of Asgard. Also, FT Benning is home to both the Airborne and Ranger schools. The Pre-Ranger soldiers do PT on the same field as us. They stay there long after we leave.

In short, this isn’t a bad place to be at all. We have a work hard, play hard kind of training schedule. This week is combatives, or what used to be called Hand-to-Hand combat. I’m getting pretty good at it, actually. Today, I choked and submitted my next-door neighbor and later got the biggest guy in the platoon in an arm bar. They are fairly short bouts. Next week, we are doing basic rifle marksmanship then close quarters marksmanship.

In other news, I’m still waiting to hear from some law schools. I have kind of decided on Wyoming, provided they give me a scholarship. But I could also go to the U. I’m waitlisted at U of Colorado and U of Arizona, but their high costs are somewhat prohibitive anyway. BYU shot me down–curse their punctually chiming bells.

 I hope you villagers are well. Destroy some zerglings for me.


One Response to “Fort Benning is my Graceland (But Fort Erwin still isn’t Disneyland)”

  1. Cornelius Says:

    As you commanded, My Lord, I have slain many thousands of foul zerglings! En Taro Adun!

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