No thugs in our house, are there dear? We made that clear.


Ouch.  Get that out of my eye.The first thing I noticed about the shooting…

And I know it’s been a while (what, one week already?) since the shooting on the Virginia Tech campus.  I don’t know why I always wait so long to sound my opinion on the hot topics.  But bear with me.

…The first thing wasn’t that it was happening which shocked us – it was the numbers.

22 dead?   then 30 or more an hour later?  Up to 32 dead.   Now it’s known as the worst shooting in American history.

I don’t mean to be disrespectful of the dead and the trials of the families and friends of VT students – but I’m going to ignore all of that.   It’s irrelevant to what I’m thinking about today.  Does that make me a horrible person?

The day after the shooting there was a bomb threat in provo (and who knows where else.)  There soon followed a shooting at NASA – which received all of one day’s coverage, then nothing.

A month ago the trolley square shooting was second place on the news after the Anna Nicole Smith story.  People care more about the level of the violence.  And with every level of violence exceeded the people are that much more desensitized.

The question I asked myself was this:  How many shootings at various U.S. universities in one year would it take before I started to re-consider going to school at all?  Or would I just go to that concealed weapons class and buy a sidearm myself?

How many shootings would it take before people would just decide that maybe a college education isn’t the best use of their time?  5 in a year?  What if it were 20 shootings per year, on average – each shooter trying to ‘get a higher score’ than the last?  I think college attendance would drop dramatically.

How much violence would it take to destroy a workplace?  What if urban centers in america became targets to our own version of suicide bombers – the insane shooter?  How long would people stay at their jobs?

I get the feeling that it would only take a few more psychotics per year to change the entire american way of life.

Anyway, I’m too tired to write my thoughts well, so this is what you get.



2 Responses to “No thugs in our house, are there dear? We made that clear.”

  1. Cornelius Says:

    I think it would be like the frog in the boiling water. As long as the number went up only slightly per year, then we’d just accept it as the price for our way of life. Look at how quickly we got used to spending two hours in security in an airport.

  2. Temple3 Says:

    Ditto. The number would have to exceedingly high…too many students at too many schools – and some of the degrees are worth millions – so the bullets would have to be flying faster than kegs get tapped – and that’s pretty fast.

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