World Of Warcraft

I’ve been trying out new things lately.  Trying to remember names better, playing worlds of warcraft (on a 15 day trial thingy), had a baby, started watching episodes of Lost online.  It’s an exciting time to do things that are popular to do.  (television, WoW, babies…)

The first pop-culture event to fail my gauntlet of “I am awesome enough without you, stupidhead,” was the World of Warcraft computer game.  ( I’m still watching episodes of Lost and we’re feeling pretty attached to the baby). 

Blizzard produces some really fun and really addictive games.  Highlights include, of course, Warcraft and Starcraft, as well as the immensely popular Diablo series.  World of Warcraft is a game where you take on the role of a… uh.. being?… of your choice who lives in the -duh duh duh! – World of Warcraft.  Your character can be one of several races, professions, having your choice of talents and skills.  You then wander around the world killing monsters smaller than you, and banding together with other players to kill those larger than you. 

Basically it’s a combination of Diablo – in that you take on the role of one “hero” and Warcraft – in that you may play as an orc, elf or other.  The game also copies diablo in how you wander around and pick up more and more fantastic equipment and weaponry, level up, and learn to do more amazing things.  This is what causes the addiction – the desire to see what the next level  will be like, or the new skill…

Then, like diablo, the hours pass by till your “One more level” has turned into 3 days and you’ve long since stopped worrying about your own body odor.    Unlike diablo, there aren’t raging armies flung against you, just roaming critters and small quests given to you by the ‘locals’.   

I didn’t gain anything from this game.  I was suprized, because of all the hype.  I had expected something really phenomenal and fun, but what I got was that fuzzy eyeball feeling from watching the screen too much. 

But I’m glad I could make this sacrifice for you so you don’t have to.  You’re welcome.

In other news, I’ve heard now that the next starcraft game will not be an online game like Worlds of Warcraft. 



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