Somebody Help Mii!

Yesterday,  I went out and purchased the XBox 360 Military Appreciation Pack and Guitar Hero 2. I played GH2 recently and was so impressed with it that I decided that I needed the 360. Gears of War, GH2 and the soon to be released Halo 3 and Army of Two made the 360 very attractive.

But if you notice these games are all “big-boy” games. There isn’t much that would be interesting to the family or really anything children should be around for in that list. There’s always Dance Dance Revolution Universe….

However, the Nintendo Wii is entirely centered around the family. It is made to have family outtings with games that are easy to figure out and fun to play. Super Mario Stikers: Charged looks like a winner for sports games and I wouldn’t mind re-living my youth with Metroid Prime: Corruption. Nevermind the 5 virtual reality sports games that come with the Wii.

So I have an XBox 360 and six games sitting wrapped up in my closet, waiting until I make my decision on whether or not to keep it. Of course I want to play cool games with blood and action, but I would probably be playing them alone. In order to get my wife to play video games, I’m the one who needs to compromise.

But MAN, it’s hard.

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One Response to “Somebody Help Mii!”

  1. Greg Says:

    I’ll give you twenty bucks for the set, pardner.

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