Pirates III: The Killin’ of Davy Jones

I be Davy's Cat!  Raarrr.Seriously, though. Isn’t that what you expected? The whole second movie was spent focusing on how powerful and fearsome Davy Jones is, so of course the third movie focuses on the control or destruction of that power.

This was a fun show. It kept the mood of the second movie well – full of revelation and plot twist that make you uncertain of just who is going to be the one who gets what he or she wants till the very end. Jack Sparrow becomes even more hilarious as he becomes even more insane.

The director even managed to make Keith Richards seem a decent actor for the small time he was on screen.

In fact there were only 2 things I didn’t like about the film. 1. Chow Yun Fat didn’t get enough on-screen butt kicking, and 2. unlike the second movie there weren’t any real secrets. The second pirates movie gives hints and teases with the secrets – like the girl Davy Jones loves, and the mystery of captain barbosa,- but the third movie just kinda steps out and tells you all about everybody. No hints or mystery or clues that somebody is up to something, just surprises.

Overall a good movie and worth watching twice.

I give it a 3.75 on a scale of -5 to 5.

(Now it’s your turn to write a review of the film. Go ahead. )


One Response to “Pirates III: The Killin’ of Davy Jones”

  1. Cornelius Says:

    I’ve never been much for the in-depth review like what critics and people who watch movies for the cinematography are in to. I watch movies for how they make me feel. I watch movies for the sword-swinging, the big explosions, the quotes, the laughs, and sometimes the tears. This movie has all of these things in what I consider to be the right places and the right amounts. I loved it and I’m excited to see it again. I’m not very good with number scales. Mine only works between 6 and 10. I need something else. So, on a scale of Stupid to Total Awesome, I give it a Wicked Awesome.

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