Midnight Guests.

It’s midnight and I’m fast asleep.  Then someone pounds on my door.  Who could it possibly be?  Jerks, that’s who!  I’m asleep!  I roll over and ignore it.  Then they pound again.  “What?!” I yell.  The answer is most unexpected.  “Cedar City Poilce.  We’re investigating as assault and we need to ask you some questions.”  BuuuuWhaaaaa????

So I got woken up at midnight by the cops.  I love having new experiences, but this is one I would rather not have had.  There has been some tension between two of my roomates over making noise in the middle of the night and it came to blows.  I guess the one being attacked yelled for me to help, but I slept through it.  I have mixed feelings about that.  I feel bad a little that this is a situation I could have helped out with and I didn’t.  On the other hand, if I had woken up, something really bad could have happened to someone.  At least no one was seriously injured.  Hopefully this is the last time this happens.  The roomate who was attacked is changing buildings to avoid future trouble.  The one who started it will be evicted for sure, and maybe more.  It’s not a good idea to start something when you’re in this country on a student visa.


6 Responses to “Midnight Guests.”

  1. Greg Says:

    Wowsa. I think you’re right – if you had been involved there may have been some serious damage done to some people who are not you. Perhaps it’s better this way.

  2. Benski Says:

    Wow. I like cop stories. I have one in fact:

    When Janice and I first married, we lived in third floor apartment in Colorado Springs. One day she changed the light bulb by the front door but didn’t screw the glass cover on tight enough. A little later it fell the 8 feet and made a huge crash (it weighed probably 5 lbs). I didn’t think anything of it until I heard a loud pounding at my door while I was sweeping up the glass. I was reluctant to answer the door and step on the shards, so I asked who it was. “Colorado Springs, police,” they said.

    I gingerly made my way to the door and poked my head out. There were four cops “stacked up” and ready to kick in my door. Their weapons were drawn, and they had a look of cold seriousness.

    “May we have a look in your house?” they asked while keeping their weapons out. In light of this show of force, I had no problem inviting in some unexpected guests.

    They looked around and were satisfied that nothing had happened after I told them about the light bulb cover. Apparently, my down stairs neighbor had heard a “gunshot” and had thought somebody had been murdered in my apartment.

    I believe that would have been considered probable cause; Benski could have been neutralized and cuffed in a pile of broken glass if he took too long.

  3. Cornelius Says:

    That’s a good story. I like the part where you didn’t get shot.

  4. White Raven Says:

    Some of my brotherhood are in the police department down there. I wonder if he was on duty that night? I can tell you this though had you been involved and did resist they would not have shot you but shocked you. Unless of course there were calls of someone having a weapon than of course you would be warned and than shot, but lets be serious a lot of them would have not even given you a warning cry and just shot you.

    Did you know that precinct actually has automatic weapons? Talk about Neo fascism. You are military right cornelius? I bet you are buddies with some of my brotherhood and did not even know it. Here in good faith I will help you gain proof of why I treat the girl you are friends with so badly. I am sure you have access to police reports and the like do you not? Look up a Neal Szverra and look for a police report on him oh around spring of 2000 and than take a look at the description he leaves. That there my friend should be proof enough for you than I am no longer a liar to you and what I do to her is completely understandable to you. At least it should be, but I know people and I am sure it will not be enough. That goes for any of you in here, this has nothing to do how I feel about her it has to do with principles. She my friends is an accessory to rape.

    I do not care how much you think you know her, she tries to hide it, confront her on it I am sure some of you can read her enough to figure it out. I will tell you what is going to happen each time you question her she will give you a different story than after a while you will just feel a shock go through your body, that shock is you figuring out what is going on, it is a detestable feeling let me tell you. So go ahead I dare you to dig, find the truth am I a liar? Why would I make something like that up? Even if I did isn’t there bigger fish to fry than her? I mean would I not gain more for accusing a person with money and extorting them for money? Like I said its principle I have nothing to gain by proving my case against her.

    If it was because I felt something for her would I not try my hardest to hide the truth from everyone? After all she could go to prison for this, and if she went to prison i would never see her again ever whether I wanted to or not. Think about it!

  5. brick79 Says:

    Back to police stories, Ben, I’m very glad you were not shot as well. :) Very good thing you were not in L.A. Seems the cops out here are pretty trigger happy. Something that has taken a lot of getting used to living out here. When I first moved out here I found that there was news on some channel ALL DAY!! And so while I unpacked and organized my things into Lee’s apartment I would watch the news. I was pretty horrified at all the police involved shootings. (They show them on TV). And then stunned by the fact that our crime rates are so high here. Most of the police shootings were because of a high speed chase. I would think that criminals would figure out that if there’s going to be a high speed chase and you don’t do what the cops tell you to do to..you’re gonna get shot. Doesn’t seem to matter though. I keep thinking Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest is going to kick in soon.

  6. White Raven Says:

    Brick79 you do not know how right you are. Los Angelus sucks ass I visited there once why the hell would you go live there? If I knew you personaly I would try to talk you out of going there. If I were your husband there is no way in hell I would put you in such a dangerous place. All I can tell you is thank God every day he made you white. I noticed some of you are racist, I won’t name you and brick79 you are not among the list.

    Most criminals do not think they act on impulse so that answers your question why they have a high speed chase. The ones that think are the truely dangerous ones, like notorious serial killers and mob bosses. I do a lot of psychology work many of you think that we work just on chemicals and the exposure to our society, but what I have seen and experienced myself that is not the only thing that we function by.

    I believe that schizophrenia is our evolving state, the “medical view” is that the brain is disfunctional do to more neurons firing at one time than they ar supposed to be. The brain in a schizophrenic is more active in certain places and less active in the places they should be more active. I believe that we are mutating and we are becoming more agressive in nature both male and female. The fire age is on the verge.

    But lets stay with the police, I got all kinds of theories on the days to come. I have a lot of police friends they are people and like most people they are tempted by power money and sex. That is why anytime somebody tells me they are going to call the police on me or take me to court I do not take them seriously I will get out of it sometime or another cause I have people that owe me favors. Money is the only thing I do not have so a bribe is out of the question and you will be surprised how many of them can be bought, just like the military very few people are there because they care about their country they need the money. Police don’t really make that much a lot of them are there cause they crave the authority and that messes things up pretty bad for those who are supposed to serve and protect, they actualy work for you the tax payer which is a crock of shit in the first place. A legacy of hate and we all pay for it.

    I have heard people’s rants over Anarchy I will tell you Anarchy can not exist and my proof is me, little old me yup you heard me right I am the reason true Anarchy can not exist why you may be asking? Cause wihtout a government I become the government, wihtout the government there is no military no police except for those small clans and I would be one of those clans I already established, and I can provide you with a few things that you will be needing to live and people will come for mercey and get it in return they give their lives to me. The other clan is the mormon church and they are my opposite they will cleanse some of you, I have some documents of theirs that will tell you that if you do not believe what they believe you will die and they will make sure of it. So which evil would you serve under cause they are evil too I could give you a list of things and go on and on and on with this subject. But I won’t this is damn long enough and you get the point. Damn I talk a lot, I leave you with this the fittest isn’t always the smartest.

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