Cedar City’s Best-Kept Food Secret.

On 400 S. just across the street from the pumbing store is a little place called Vior’s.  Much like the Isla de Muerta, it cannot be found except by one who already knows where it is.  Formerly known as Ron and Chris’ Bakery, this place is so much more now.  Aside from the normal array of doughnuts and other baked goods, they have the best and largest apple fritters in town and Ron and Chris’ signature item, the Allagator Jaw.

The real crowning achievement in this store is not covered in sugar, however.  They make the best sandwiches I have ever had.  Anywhere.  Ever.  If you get the chance, no, you must go and order either the Chicken Pannini or the Turkey Bacon Bravo.  I have no words to describe the experience.  The only thing to say that will do it justice is Gaaahhhhhhh…


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