On second thought… Books revisited

I’ve been re-reading a lot lately. Included in my list are books that I had previously felt were amazing and some that I felt were just okay. It’s been an interesting experience to go back to something that I haven’t read in years and see how it holds up to that first experience.

Something I’ve noticed about myself is that the first experience with a movie or book is usually enjoyable no matter how bad it is. I don’t know why I do this. The problem then is that when I return to the theater or the reading ditch or whatever I find that the media I had previously loved to consume now tastes slightly more of stinky-fruit than I remember it doing the first time. There are a few exceptions – times where it’s so obvious that the media is bad that even I can tell on the first experience. The dungeons and dragons movie springs forth instantly to mind.

I re read the following in the past month:

Last Call by tim powers

Expiration date, by tim powers

Harry Potter and the… books 1, 5 & 6

and part of the Once and Future King

I used to love the tim powers books, I thought they were creative and edgy; but now I find them just passable and disturbing. I used to just think the harry potter books were ok, but now I think of them as being well written and enjoyable. (Indeed, I just re-read number 6 in anticipation of number 7 which I pre-ordered while wearing a pointed hat and waving a stick around (in a side-side note: the Renaissance fair in cedar city now boasts a stand that sells “wands” alongside the swords, bodices and kettle corn.) and I find myself infuriated that I’m not able to immediately pick up number 7 and continue joining with my magical friends on their exciting adventures against the serpent-like forces of naughty. Curse you, richest lady in England! Curse you!)

I raise my voice with Brigham Young in saying: How did this happen? (If mickelle reads this she’ll know what I mean.) How did harry potter surpass tim powers in my literary world?

Here’s what I think: I think that there are different levels of maturity and development that we go through as human beings. What we find interesting at one point will not be interesting to us if we mature. So this means I’m still growing and maturing and learning to appreciate different things now, right? Of course, right.

Incidentally, The Once and Future King was neither moved up nor down on my ladder of awesomeness, but remains astoundingly impressive and enjoyable at the very top. Maybe I haven’t changed that much… or maybe some things are truly great no matter where you’re standing.  No wonder both magneto and professor X both like it.

-Blah Merging


8 Responses to “On second thought… Books revisited”

  1. ornerycat Says:

    Try being an English major. A good portion of the books I used to love now suck. But I am learning to overcome my literary snobbery. For instance, Arthur C. Clarke’s Space Odyssey books are awesome, even if they are a bit cheesy at times. I’ve learned that the books that change the world are not always those of the highest literary caliber.

  2. Cornelius Says:

    I think you are absolutely right. I had the same experience with The Chronicles of Narnia. I loved them when I was a kid, but now I don’t think I’ll read them again until I have children between the ages of six and twelve. It’s not just books either. Try telling any old-school Magic player that Serra Angel isn’t an awesome card and they’ll give you the evil eye. But try finding someone who plays with her.

  3. whiteraven Says:

    Ornerycat you are going to hate me for this, but I think you lost touch with your imagination, always when I read a book I am not analyzing what the author did or did not do right. I live in that persons world see what they saw that is what it means to me.

    I have a friend that is going to school in fact that is where I met him and well he at one time was kind of cool and fun now when we look at works of art he tries to find meaning and what the artist should have done or should not have done. BORING I see what I see and that is all I do not like to find hidden meanings in —. I write what I feel not what someone thinks I should feel who cares if it is correct or incorrect plus who are you to judge cause you have a Ph.D.. in something so that makes you better than me? If you think so you are not only stupid your — pathetic and you have no heart nor a soul.

    I know you are not like that Ornerycat, you are just around a lot of people who are. I have a quote but I can’t recall it fully it was by a Dr. Emerson I believe that was his name, this is not my quote he said something to the effect of “every person I meet is my superior in some way in that I can learn from Him/Her” something like that I made it a little bit PC but I believe it. You people do all your pseudo intellectual — filled with pride and you know all things your so damn smart drink your coffee sit in the shop and talk about philosophy and politics none of that truly matters. I have had conversations with Homeless people that have had bachelors and some that did not I learned a lot from all of them all my friends even you Ornery cat taught me something. Do not be fools falling on their own pride.

  4. Greg Says:

    Here’s a guy who says it’s better to just get lost in a story and not judge, but then spends time on his own blog doing an analysis of “the story of Joseph Smith” and how flawed the story must be – even to the point of using the phrase “of course” 3 times when stating his assumptions and who, furthermore, says outright he’s reading for a purpose.

    Three things to the guy whose comment I was about to delete for being nigh unto spam:

    1. Attacks on individuals and profanity will not be tolerated on this site (and are only a sign of being unable to use logic to defend a viewpoint). I feel no qualms nor any shame at the cry of censorship and will gladly edit and delete comments I feel are purely inflammatory. If you or anybody has a problem with what has been written, confront what has been written rather than the person who wrote it. (by the way, that’s what earning a PhD or any degree should teach you to do – make logical argument without emotional bias. That’s why PhDs and people like OrneryCat are worth listening to.) An example of a logical rebuttal follows:
    2. You claim on one site that ‘how it feels’ is more important than analysis, then on another site that analysis is more important than feeling. I don’t know if you had noticed. There’s a problem here. By your own actions you show that analysis of a “story” is acceptable, and only through your words do you indicate deeper examination when reading makes a person stupid, pathetic and lacking in heart and soul.
    3. Even people who don’t analyze what they read for fun recognize the important of good grammar and punctuation.

  5. Cornelius Says:

    Darn right! Learn to spell before you call someone out on the carpet! Especially an English major.

  6. Benski Says:

    I’ve never seen logic and righteous indignation intertwined so flawlessly. Bravo, Greg.

  7. White Raven Says:

    No no no, you get me wrong there, I am not calling Ornerycat stupid, yeah yeah I do have a problem with her, but that is on an emotional level not a logical one. But that is our plight.

    I am not an English Major nor do I have a PhD. In fact shouldn’t ornerycat be able to catch my attention in the right way? Wouldn’t it make her the bigger person to show me that she understands even though she does not agree with me?

    So are we not both so petty and small? No cause you are her friend you do have a bias, even though you have never met me nor know me, you do not know my past if you did you would know why I hate Mormons. Would you like to see all her writing to me? As well as mine to her, I kept them all I have everything she has ever sent to me.

    They are spelled wrong but I looked past that, I was not looking for her spelling I was looking for what she felt or thought cause it meant the world to me. I can tell you if I actually sat down and took time to write her seriously she would disregard it anyway I am not writing with logic just pure hatred.

    I have many reason’s to hate her the first and the easiest to pick on me with is being rejected and hurt. But the second is a little more complicated and more twisted. That is Neal, child molesting little punk well not pedophile but what is it called when you like teen girls? There is another name for it. Hmmm oh well it matters not like you would listen anyway. That is the other reason to hate her she knows why. The other is that from day one she never gave me a chance, it was like she knew me before she even got to know me and that was how it was going to be.

    But I am just stupid right? No need to listen to stupid people even if they do have a good reason. So I suggest unless you want to play psychiatrist you stay out of it. I see where you are going with all this, but I suggest you don’t. As for the LDS Idolatry thing well I will start a new thing for that I guess, it does have something to do with books.

    Watch I will go to her site now and try to make sense, but she will disregard it. Well that is all for this section

  8. White Raven Says:

    4. Thou shalt not make unto thee any GRAVEN image or of any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:
    5. Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: For I the lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me.

    Anyway the point I have here is Graven, can not highlight over the net. My concept is this, what hangs between man and God who is in heaven? Why the Angel Moroni! Would that not be a Graven image? But didn’t God just say that we shall not make any Graven image of things in the heavens? Oh I think he did. So how can you tell me that I am a lowly idolater if you yourself are?

    Now Greg I know that you have not called me such a thing, but a representative of your religion has. I am sure you want to say that it is not idolatry cause you do not worship it. Others have been on this path with me, I did not say you worshipped Moroni I said you made a Graven image of him. He stands before you and God, does he not?

    Next is the temples did not Jesus say “I am the way”? So doesn’t that mean he is the temple? So why build structures to do God’s work when it is fulfilled through the Messiah? These are good questions to be asking, I asked them Ornerycat asked them I do not blame God for my problems but I do blame the religion that stood before me and God in my childhood and believe me there are many more people who seek vengeance on that religion. As for Joseph Smith well I can do a lot of talking on him, but I find the easiest to point out is Brigham Young.

    The White Raven keeper of the dead. Ask yourself what that means. I see the spirit world, I see things in dreams, Angels large mean looking Angels not the kind that plays the harp I mean the fiery sword carrying warrior Angels. You can hear the music coming from them, if you have ever been near death you would understand what I mean. Some say that it is the constant praise of God. I have been near death, I live an unclean life just as Ornerycat (I am assuming I am not supposed to use her real name) I know exactly where we are both heading a dark place, you call it hell I call it a spirit prison a place surrounded by death and despair I have seen it first hand and I will see it again soon. It is an echo of the human heart, a heart of flesh and greed a heart full of hatred. So before you start judging me, I suggest you look at those around you first and than look at what you actually believe versus what you should believe.

    That is all on that subject I guess for now at least, until you decide to be judgmental and point fingers at me.

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