Hang on, I think I got a piece of gundam stuck in my eye.

Somebody out there in the murky realms of cyberspace has got it into his head that Gundam is cool and nothing else involving robots is.  He doesn’t come out and say it on this article, but he takes the time to say how cool it is to see some full-size model of a gundam that you can climb into and play video games inside of, then insinuates that the gundam, if in fact real (like the transformers are), would be kicking optimus prime’s shiny metal tailpipe.  Clearly this person thinks the bigger the robot the better.  I would say something about evangelion but instead I made an illustration of  why no gundam nor any other robot or robot suit can beat transformers for sheer size.  The word, my friends, is Unicron.

Hmm.  Think I'll have a nice tasty deathstar appetizer before consuming a full size planet.

Let that be a lesson to you.



One Response to “Hang on, I think I got a piece of gundam stuck in my eye.”

  1. White Raven Says:

    yeah Unicron is pretty big. The Death Star though I am a star wars fan but you know the design flaw in that thing is pretty big. I am surprised the emperor made the mistake of trying to build a new one. Another thing is anyone ever notice that gaining rank in the imperial army was a death sentence, I mean piss Lord Vader off just once and your a dead man.

    Although I am going to have to go with the Omega Weapon from the Xenosaga series, it is not that Omega is bigger than Unicron. But the Omega is manned by -Abel- who is a physical manifestation of U-DO which happens to be the wave forms of you got it God.

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