The ebay crackpot of the day…

Making money is so easy!Want to bid 20 million for this guy’s work? He says it’s pretty much a sure thing you’ll make back hundreds of millions over the next few years.

The idea is that he has spent decades discovering how the behavior of the T-Bond value can be predicted by what he calls “quantum gravitational optics algorithms.”  Having his data would be a sure way to make a fortune managing funds.  How could he not ask for 20 million?

My favorite part- after talking about how reliable and simple it is and what a genius he is he has the following to say: “There is ONE Caveat: I suggest that you have a deep technical background in Riemann Geometry, Tensor Calculus, Topology, Optics, Quantum Optics, Particle Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Electrodynamics, Quantum Chemistry, Quantum Chromodynamics, String Theory, General Relativity and Special Relativity and computer programming if you are serious about purchasing this entire body of work.  If not, you will need to contract a person or assemble a team of individuals with at least a graduate level technical background in these areas of physics, and a background in scientific programming.”

No problem, buddy.  No problem.



2 Responses to “The ebay crackpot of the day…”

  1. Cornelius Says:

    If this guy is so smart and his work is that good, then why doesn’t HE make the hundreds of millions of dollars off of T-Bonds? Why sell it? He could control the known universe with all that cash.

    My other thought is, if the value of T-Bonds can be measured or influenced at the quantum level, then wouldn’t you change the outcome by trying to predict it? Just a thought.

  2. kidfinance Says:

    the market is impossiple to predict its an obvious hoax i should bid 1 penny for it to show how much his quantam gravity bs is worth


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