I have recently become the proud owner of a laptop (also transforms into tablet with touch screen) that boasts 2.2 ghz core duo processor, 2 GB ram, an NVIDIA 6150 video card, a DVD RW, biometrics (it checks my fingerprints instead of typing ANY password), and OH, by the way, the duo processor is supposed to run about on par with a 3.5 ghz pentium 4.

*Hey, it’s for Law School. That should legitimize owning such an awesome piece of hardware… right?*

Let me tell you guys I have never-ever owned a computer that was top of the line. I always waited for the next generation stuff to come out before I would buy. For example, I bought the pentium 200 processor when the 200 MMX came out. You save a lot of money that way.

Here’s the trouble: I have NO GAMES except for the shareware version of scrabble it comes with. Now don’t get me wrong; I can triple word score against Maven (the computer player) all day long. But is that really enough? I lay awake at night thinking about what graphic intensive multiplayer game to put on this thing to break it in. All of my games are locked up in storage, and I would have to buy brand new. Used software doesn’t seem to be big in South Carolina.

Now for the multiplayer part: Anybody in the village interested in getting their digital fanny handed to them? I’ll play coop too. You can even pick the game, but whatever you pick needs to be high on the awesome/enhanced graphic scale. I’m a counterstrike source fan, btw. I just downloaded America’s Army because it’s free, and they might have put me in it (I wish). That might be an option.

If you have my number, call me sometime.

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4 Responses to “ZERG! TANKS AND SNIPER RIFLES! MEDIEVAL COMBAT! (apply within)”

  1. Greg Says:

    Well I for one would be happy to play a rousing game of scrabble! W00+!!

  2. Cornelius Says:

    No way, man! Srcabble is l4m3z0r! Counterstrike is where it’s at. Ben, I would love to play CS with you, but I don’t think my poor, old lappy could handle the new version. On the other hand, this is the computer I took with me to Iraq. Perhaps it has enough combat experience to make up for its technical defidiencies.

  3. Greg Says:

    I myself have been feeling a faint twitch in the fingers that indicates a need for some long-range sniping, I just don’t know if my computer can handle the new CS… If blaine’s has problems then mine would almost certianly have problems. Perhaps I’ll look into this America’s Army.

  4. Benski Says:

    I’ll be moving to Wyoming on Friday to get everything set up for school. When things calm down I can play something I already own like War3 TFT or Starcraft. I also recently bought Command and Conquer 3.

    I’ll be calling…soon…

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