I have an excellent idea: Let’s Change the Subject.

hatterI was just thinking it would be a good topic to have each of us write posts about our favorite websites. I’ve found all my favorite sites through friends and I would be interested to see what is out there nowadays and what you have to say about it. It’s fine if you want to review sites already linked to from sixmile, but if you review a site not linked here I’ll also add it to the links on the side of the screen. I’ll go first, ok?

HSX: Hollywood Stock Exchange. Rodney and I stumbled upon this site somehow back in the days before hotmail was owned by microsoft and html based chat rooms were the norm. HSX has turned out to be one of the most unchanging sites on the net for the past 10 years. What it is is a stock exchange based on movies. Movies expected to do well sell stocks better, which causes their price to go up (for instance at the time of writing a share of indiana jones 4 sells at 220 dollars. I bought my shares at about 10 bucks. WOooOO). You can buy shares of moviestocks while the movies are out in theaters, or while they’re in production, development, or even concept. ( I remember seeing a movie called the beautician and the beast in the concept area and refused to buy any shares because I thought it would never make it to theaters.) When you sign up they give you 2 million dollars to make your first investments with. I bought some movies, some starbonds, and basically forgot about the site for a couple of years. When I came back my porfolio had grown to about 5 million. I think rodney got up to 20 million. Anyway, it’s kinda fun and a good way to take a look at what the future movies could be. Plus it’s fun to see if your guesses of what movies will do well match up with reality.


One Response to “I have an excellent idea: Let’s Change the Subject.”

  1. White Raven Says:

    Well I am sure you do not want my opinion, and you will probably laugh at my favorite site. But I like to go to a site called rpgamer.com it is a great place I get some cool stuff from there. There is a lot on the site to do at least for me, the site lets you know of upcoming game releases. But my favorite part of the site is the music contest’s, they have some cool remixes my favorite composers on the site currently are a guy named patrick waters he does a lot of piano remixes and another guy that calls himself Derangen. If you are into games and love some of the music of Nobuo Uematsu or Yasonori Mitsuda or just game music in general I suggest you go take a look for yourself. I have gotten some really beautiful pieces myself and you can get the sheet music as well.

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