Save Bear Grylls!

I’m not sure how many of you watch the Discovery Channel. Maybe you haven’t since you were young. Well, let me tell you that a lot has changed. They started airing shows that people actually watch–reality TV where stuff explodes or people eat dead animal carcasses and drink pee. My favorite is Man vs. Wild. It’s a show where a former SAS guy gets purposefully lost in places where people die and shows how to stay alive in those places long enough to find a way out. I sat and watched a marathon until I could hardly keep my eyes open. I forced myself to watch because I knew I would regret having not seen the end. I mean, this show is cool.

But apparently, there has been some scandal about how authentic the show is. The show’s star, Bear Grylls, is accused of having stayed nights in a hotel instead of roughing it out in the wild. On one episode, he built a raft to get off an island, but only after it was made by professionals.

Sure, it is somewhat misleading that veiwers think that Bear is getting no help when he actually is. I can see that and it’s a problem. Really, the problem is that the show was presented as a reality show when it is really how-to-survive show with an emphasis on entertainment. Bear typically is dropped off in the middle of nowhere and travels until he finds some kind of civilization. If he came accross a hotel during the first day of filming, he would have technically accomplished his goal, but the episode would be about five minutes long. He would have reached civilization but had not taught much about survival. In true Bear style, he would keep going even though he didn’t have to. So who cares that he stayed the night then kept going in the morning?

Bear is accused of also staying in a hotel on a hawaiian island that was supposed to be deserted. While the location is sort of mundane and a bit misleading, the concept of how to survive off indiginous plants is the same. Bear said that he could live on the island indefinitly if he never tried to leave. Does it really make a difference where he slept if his survival was assured anyway? The important part is where he cuts to the chase and rafts out of there.

About his ability to construct a raft, I really don’t care that Bear doesn’t know anything and everything about every climate, flora, fauna, survival story, or construction technique that he shows or tells on the show. Nobody could possibly know all that. Who cares if he has teams of researchers looking up facts and tips about survival that the average person doesn’t know. I believe desert island raft construction falls into that category. Even if he had the thing engineered before he touched it, lets not forget that he actually had the balls to get on it and venture out into open water. He was followed for days by man eating sharks in blistering sun with little water. That’s gotta count for something.

My real point in writing about this is that even if these accusations are completely true, it doesn’t make the man a fraud. He actually did eat a dead sheep’s eyeball in a frozen tundra, drank pee in the ultra-humid outback of Australia, swam a frozen bay when his tattered canoe took water in Alaska, and slimed his way out quicksand in at least a few episodes. He does a lot of things that he probably doesn’t have to in order to give survival tips that somebody might need. I would like to reiterate that this is a how-to show and not a hey-let’s-see-if-I-can-live-through-this show.

I think that this show can and should be salvaged if the Discovery Channel puts a little disclaimer in front that says: “What you are about to see is real. Bear Grylls puts himself in survival situations that could happen to anybody, but might not happen to everybody. Bear combines survival tips from experts to give the viewer the most accurate, in depth information available. Bear receives no assistance except in the case of danger to life or limb or if the situation has no value for survival training.”

That would about cover it. That’s why my world wouldn’t be crushed if I found out Bear spent a night or two in a Motel 6. Having a warm bed for a few hours does not change the fact that he has been eating bugs and drinking water from a murky canyon pond.

Click to View an Homage to Bear


11 Responses to “Save Bear Grylls!”

  1. Bear is fake Says:

    The phony bear faked it in Kilauea Volcano also. He taped most of the show a few hundred feet from the highway. Most of the scenes in the show don’t exist in the area he was supposed to be in: avocado trees, lava tube, tropical forest are all in different parts of the island. I have hiked this area hundreds of times. I can understand how people who have not been to the area may think it’s legitimate, but I was surprised how easy it was to dupe the Discovery Channel. It would be suicidal to follow the advice given by this show.

    Want evidence? Watch the clip!

  2. White Raven Says:

    You know it comes down to pure instinct. Whether he is a fake or not really does not matter its a show have you never heard don’t believe everything you watch on t.v. people are so damn gullible and they call me stupid. I will tell you one thing you definitely would not see bear do. You will never see him kill and eat his partner. That is reality, most often if you are going to be in a situation you are going to be with people. If you are alone nature defines us as a social animal therefore your dumb ass is going to die for going out there alone. I will tell you this if you are weakening and it is my life versus yours don’t fall asleep your just as tasty as any snake plus you have a bigger meat yield and I can use your guts to attract other animals or to fish with which brings me more food.

    This guy is right it would be suicidal to follow the advice cause its a t.v. show they care about ratings not your life. I also do not care about your life and though I may be a psycho that truly in the end keeps me alive now doesn’t it? That is all.

  3. Cornelius Says:

    It’s a TV show. Why are you getting so worked up about it? I think it’s fun to watch.

  4. White Raven Says:


    Yeah I would agree it is fun to watch, I prefer dirty jobs though, that is a little more real. I do not know why it really matters if he is fake or not, but I dont really take the world seriously nor do I take myself seriously. Honestly I am the type of person that might just make crazy suicidal decisions out there in the wild like licking frogs or in the desert go find a whole bunch of peote and eat it and trip.

    I would like to say off subject though to those who do not like me cause of ornery cat I am not that bad of a guy I can be fun if you do not cross me, ornery cat did some —that is our personal business, though you people may want to protect her, to you it may look like she don’t deserve it but she does.

    Oh and Rodney i still want to talk to you, or Andrew. Yes I am aware brother *wink* your dark secrets are safe with me. I percieve more than you know.

  5. Bear Grylls: Modern Day Thoreau « Six Mile Village Says:

    […] Nobody can deny that there are points on all sides. However, many of these opposing arguments are really focused against the way the show was marketed and would fall apart if there were a disclaimer at the beginning of the show as I wrote previously. […]

  6. anonymous Says:

    I support the writer of this topic and don’t want to use my alias to the fact that people are still being idiots calling him fake, fraud, and phony and end up being spammed at by people who just want it their way.

  7. daisy Says:

    ok guys, uhh i’m not sure if you guys realize but in the beginning of the show, doesn’t it say that bear and his crew could receive help and help from professionals? he’s aloud to have help he’s on national tv… he kind of deserves a bit of rest like that to explain and accurately show people like us how to survive in the wild and in those places. if he sleeps in a bed it doesn’t make everything else he does a complete lie. it’s legit. all of those can help you survive… soo yea…

  8. Benski Says:

    When I wrote this post, Man vs. Wild didn’t have that little disclaimer at the beginning. In fact, my wife bought me the DVD set for christmas and that was the first time I saw the disclaimer. The DVD versions have been edited somewhat to get rid of scenes people thought were misleading.

    But it’s really a good point that he is making a show and needs to be up on his game, i.e. get some sleep. Like I’ve always said, just because he wasn’t actually in the middle of nowhere doesn’t change the fact that he’s drinking his own pee.

  9. uk_wanderer Says:

    say NO to bear grylls… he’s a macho idiot.
    RAY MEARS reigns supreme!!! check him out :)

  10. rin Says:

    Between Bear Grylls and Ray Mears, I’d much rather watch Bear’s show. I have seen Ray Mears and he puts me to sleep. Les Stroud’s show is basically watch some guy camp for 1 hour.

  11. e Says:

    I think staying in a Motel 6 is on par with eating bugs and drinking out of a murky canyon pond…

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