What I was about to say was…

I was about to write a nice long article about the website I wish existed.  I was going to say something like “If only there was a site out there that let you just trade your books with other people.”  Then I thought I would be smart and see if there was.  Or is.  And there is.  It’s called bookmooch.  Http://www.bookmooch.com/ to be precise. Seems good on the surface.  There is, however, some kind of ‘points’ system that I’m a little unclear on.  I guess I’ll let you know how it works out.


One Response to “What I was about to say was…”

  1. brick79 Says:

    Heya Gregory,
    Speaking of books..I am in the process of organizing..you know baby coming and all. And I’ve been going through our bookshelves. I found the English book that we bought our freshman year of college. If I remember correctly it was supposed to change hands to you. I have never ever picked it up. Do you want it? I’m headed to Utah tomorrow for a week. (sunday) and I can mail it to you from there. That way it won’t get lost. You would think the mail would be better in the big city! Anyhow, if you do could you send me your address. Also, if anyone wants to get together while I’m in Logan (from sept 9-16 let me know!)

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