Make sure your audio is on.

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5 Responses to “Make sure your audio is on.”

  1. gandhi2 Says:

    I got annoyed with my daughter constantly shouting for Mom, Mom, Mom….

    So being the model parent I am I taught her to express her frustration the right way….the Shatner way.

    She learns far too quickly. Fist grip and everything.

  2. Benski Says:

    At one of my various military training exercises, I ran accross a man with the last name Khan (It was printed on his uniform). I couldn’t help tensing up my face and yelling “KHAAAAAAAAAAN!” with clenched fists.

    He only smiled mildly.
    I said, “I bet you get that a lot,” and sheepishly walked away.

  3. White Raven Says:

    Hehe I like that. i dig the blond jokes too, never get tired of them. keep them coming.

  4. brick79 Says:

    I’m not as big a geek as I thought I was. I had to have my husband tell me why this was funny. Now I get it. :) Very funny!

  5. Cornelius Says:

    I have no words to express my feelings properly. I’m just glad that there are people out there who think that’s as classic as I do.

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