another snippet of electronic love

Looks like fun to me.  Want to go?


4 Responses to “another snippet of electronic love”

  1. whiteraven Says:

    Hmmm, it is too bad that my experiments are about to begin, otherwise I would go. I like the works of Yasanori Mitsuda (chrono trigger, Xenogears, all the Xenosaga’s) Nobuo Uematsu (final fantasy, chrono trigger he was the lead composer). In fact I have heard a Zelda piece done by John williams. It is too bad that we are on different sides of the geek spectrum. If only the girl was not such a bitch, than I would not have to be a jerk, and I could share my more softer side, like music. I used to play trumpet you know.

    I always wanted to go to one of nobuo’s concerts but I do not know anybody who shares the same love I do. I have some great music my favorite piece is corridors of time(chrono trigger island of zeal music) it is a string ensemble it is very beautiful. I was going to give the piece to this girl whom you all know but I got offended that she only cared about herself so I got mad and did not even bother.

    One of these days I will find a way to get that piece on here than you can all listen to it, or I can just provide a pathway to the song. One day i will for now I got to play the bad guy

  2. Cornelius Says:

    This sounds like the only thing that could ever get me into a concert hall again. That, and symphonic Led Zepplin. I want to go.

  3. White Raven Says:

    Oh another Led Zepplin fan! Shocking I thought I was the only one left, actually that reminds me I also have an orchestrated version of Stairway to Heaven very good piece as well. I also like Stevie Nicks in fact don’t you think Kellie sounds like her? That is what made me melt was when Kellie sang to me I loved her voice I wish she did not give that up.

    Oh well life is life and in that life I am the monster that consumes all.

  4. White Raven Says:

    Alright here you go a gift from me well, kind of. You have to work to get it since I do not work this site you have to go listen to it yourself. This is what you do.

    Go to when you get to the site on the left side will be a list of area’s to go to, you are going to click the link sound test when you get in there music will be displayed for the current month so what you have to do is scroll down and on the right side of the site you will see Archive you are going to click update archive and that will take you to another list of dates scroll down you are looking for the date:

    14Jul04 the title of the song is My Life is complete When you get in there the song is called corridors of time its so beautiful I love it a lot (see not all of me is bad) Tell me what you think of teh song and while you are at it look around for other music you might like there is a lot.

    It would be cool if you could get permission to link it to this site so all your patrons can hear it easily. Kellie this one I dedicate to you, I made a CD for you but I never gave it to you cause well we got in a fight cause well you know why. You do care that you hurt me and until we resolve that I will continue being the jerk that I am now, its not resolved cause you never wanted to try. As for the rest of you enjoy, it is a rare occasion that I open myself up to people to see what truely lies in my heart deep down. please don’t make fun of it.

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