I would be willing to devote hours of my time to do this.


This is pretty impressive work.

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6 Responses to “I would be willing to devote hours of my time to do this.”

  1. whiteraven Says:

    Yeah that is pretty neat! You ought to see the design for my ultimate gamers chair (talk about a brilliant idea, not to toot my own horn or anything). The only down fall is it is garanteed to make you fat! If you saw it you would understand.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, pink website…. LAME

  3. Greg Says:

    At least this site has content. Unlike some other people’s sites I could mention. (see http://somnion.net/ )

  4. White Raven Says:

    Good God what the hell was that! That is the most boring web page I have ever seen. I did one that was all black once, but if you are smart enough to highlight the area you will see words, it was dedicated to the introduction of the void and how the light refelects the souls trapped inside it. You see for me God is both good and evil at the same time. It is a long philosophy, the next time you bring up the subject of God I will give you the entire concept with scripter that does support my theory.

  5. bluerei Says:

    Screw all o yallz, thats not even done yet! And mostly Greg’s fault cause he’s Arabic and Arabic tradition always rants on anything in direct competition to evil – GO ON TELL THEM GREG, TELL THEM HOW YOU HATE GOODNESS

  6. White Raven Says:

    Speaking of evil, this does not relate to this post but since someone else brought it up, I wrote this to a person I once knew, and I want all of you to see it.

    Do you know what is wrong with this country? The all mighty dollar that is what is wrong with this country. Why don’t you do something good with the money you have? I do not mean politics, politics does not get us anywhere in fact it holds us back greatly. Why don’t you donate to a sick child in the hospital dying of cancer? All politicians are money grubbing assholes and the one who will win is the one with the most money. Does that not strike you as sick? I also want to say the reason people are frightened of the extreme is because the extreme can lead to darker idealisms. Ever heard of a man named Adolf Hitler? He was the white knight of his country at that time and he did pull them out of trouble, but that deal with the devil did not come free.

    You are as putrid and sinfull as any one I have ever known in my entire life. Riddled with hypocracy and greed and the self is more important than the many, yes you will erase this cause you do not like being called a whore and your own exhistence is proof that there is at the very least a devil. But the truth is you are a whore, and you do not deserve to live. You are among the pigs of this society. When the messiah returns to cast us into the fire you will surely go, because hell is where you belong.

    I would like for you when you have the time greg to examine the people around you and the evil that envelopes this world, after all I am the weaver of the eternal circle. Why don’t you find a way to do some good in this world not for yourself but for others. That is what i am struggling to do as of now.

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