Prayers, well wishes, etc…

I don’t know what the media or anything is outside of California, but I’m sure you all know about the fires around here in Southern California. I know that a few of you will be thinking this is just rewards for whatever here. I can only ask that you keep these thoughts to yourself. We are fine as of now, and expect to continue to be fine as we live in a very urban area. The air quality is as horrible as they say it is and we are trying to stay in as much as possible. However, we have friends who are like family to us and also family that have been evacuated at least once, and are on high alert still. I would just ask for prayers, or well wishes, or nice thoughts for all of us out here, more for everyone being affected more than us, than for us. It is a scary situation and quite surreal when where you live is being compared to Katrina. If we have to evacuate we will probably head to Utah, though it’s tough to say with the little one coming any day now. Anyhow, just thought I’d say a few things.


2 Responses to “Prayers, well wishes, etc…”

  1. whiteraven Says:

    Well, we are the generation of the fig tree. Know that the cleansing must take place whether it be a cleansing of water or of fire, whether the earth shatters or storms rage. I would take the exodus to Utah for now, the time being it is safe here (for how long I am not sure) I can tell you the spirits are restless.

    I tell you what the hunters moon is tonight I will include you in my request, it is sort of like praying I guess, only thing is I have to give the spirits an offering by sacrificing something personal. All that I would ask is that when you make it tell God thank you and give something back to nature (that is easy, or it should be, plant something or put life back into the ground) simple right that is all I ask in return.

  2. whiteraven Says:

    ummm this is going to sound crazy, maybe coming back to utah is a bad idea, I had a dream of a massive mudslide. That was after my hunt. Ummm it is not a matter of if but when. I do not know exactly where, it looked like the layton area but everywhere here looks like layton. Oh and I did include you.

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