Nerd Dreams

Here’s basically what I want to do.

1. Establish a house wide wireless network of high-speediness.

2. Purchase or build the following:  2 laptops

3. Purchase or build the following: 1 desktop with 2 or more tv tuner cards, 500 gigabytes of hard drive space.  Make it a server. Call it Brutus. Make it capable of being a DVR.

4. Then convert my Music, DVD & VHS library into a purely digital form hosted on Brutus for watching on TV, Computer, Cell phone, or streamed over the internet to wherever I happen to be.

5.  Record my favorite tv shows and do the same thing.

I think this shouldn’t be that hard, but the money side of it gets into the way.  Who, after all, has money for two laptops and a desktop of mightiness.


3 Responses to “Nerd Dreams”

  1. bluerei Says:

    Already got that, you suck

  2. bluerei Says:

    Get a PS3, you suck

  3. White Raven Says:

    You know what I would like to see someone do? I have thought about this myself, find a way to provide a network using nothing but fiber optic technology , but that is not all, it also has to be made affordable for everyone not just monopolized like this country does with everything else. That my friend is a good dream to have at least nerd dream

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