I was surprised to see a post on digg that promoted the right-wing point of view.  I link to it here so that you can see what it’s all about.  It’s one of the founders of the weather channel, a guy whose whole life is centered around meteorology, talking about Global Warming / Climate Change.  It makes for an interesting read.  I myself am neither rejecting nor embracing the idea of global climate change, but I am interested in seeing a more balanced outlook on these sites such as digg and reddit.



3 Responses to “Interesting”

  1. White Raven Says:

    Global warming? The damage is done, there is no fixing it, you going to stop driving? I did not think so, it is just blowing air up your ass anymore.

  2. Stuart Says:

    Raven: Did you even read the article before you wrote that? The point is that global warming may be a big lie.

  3. White Raven Says:

    No I did not read the article. I was not mentioning the article, its not a complete lie trust me on that one. But yeah that is what I wa saying its just blowing hot air up your ass, to translate that is raven speak for they just make a big deal about it to gain your vote or some other political agenda, if they really cared the way they travel would change and I am not just dogging the vehicle, Jet fuel is some pretty nasty shit too.

    I am more concerned to what they are doing to our food than what is in the air right now, half the chemicles they put in our food will kill you straight, it is ment to get you addicted, and the worst is MSG that confuses the damn body. It makes us feel depressed and hungry sop we eat and eat caue the fatter we are the more money they make.

    Whew see stewart if you come at me like a person and not try to make me feel stupid I will explain myself. Really if the globe did warm up like they say it would not be so bad would it, sure increase in hurricanes but if you move your happy ass inland you don’t have to worry as much. People are just afraid of change period. Even the keeper of the dead white raven fears change.

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