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Now that all of the critics have weighed in I feel it’s safe for me to splurt out my own opinion of the ‘new’ fall shows on television.

My wife and I tried out pretty much all of the new shows to see what’s good.  Some were really rotten but there were two that have been great to watch and I would recommend to anybody – even Rodney!

The first show we started watching is “Chuck.”  Chuck is about a tech support guy who works at the “Nerd herd” (think geek squad) at the “Buy More” (think Best Buy.)  His old college roommate – who got Chuck kicked out of Stanford by accusing him of cheating – works for the CIA and steals some hugely important government file. As he is gunned down the roommate pulls out his pda/phone and emails the file to Chuck.  Chuck opens the file and sees hundreds of images that burn themselves into his subconscious – filling him with all the government’s secrets.  Now the awkward techie goes along on intense government missions all while trying to keep his secret and live a normal life.  It’s funny stuff.

High points of the series include:  Chuck and his best friend dressing up as Shai Hulud for Halloween.  Constant Star Wars references.  Chuck’s sister’s boyfriend is named “Captain Awesome” and acts like Brock Samson a lot of the time.

Check it out.  You can come watch it with me if you want.

The other great show of the season is called “Life.”  It’s about a cop who was put into jail 10 years ago when he was framed for murder.  Only just recently was he set free because of DNA evidence or something like it.  The government awarded him millions and millions of dollars to make it up to him. Now he’s a cop again who everybody is uncomfortable with but can’t get rid of because he’s always right.

First, it’s great in an episodic way.  Every episode has been a good story in itself so far and contains a fair amount of humor for a drama series.  Second, the series has an over-arching storyline that is the mystery of who framed him and why.

I highly reccomend it.   Go check it out.


(written on a laptop running Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon.  Bwa ha ha.)


4 Responses to “Television Shows”

  1. White Raven Says:

    I have a hypothetical question for you, has nothing to do with this post. I am sure you could answer me though. Lets pretend for a moment I have cancer, and I decide that I do not want to suffer through it. If I ask somebody to kill me is it still suicide? Will I go to hell if I ask somebody to shoot me in the back of the head? Would the person who does this be judged if they were to do it? I do not want them to be judged they do not deserve that.

    Hmm just curious I got something on my mind and I am in deep thought over it. Well that is all.

  2. Greg Says:

    (sarcastic) Good thing you don’t ever ask any tough questions. (/sarcastic)

    Seriously though, I have no idea how to answer that question. The first thing that came to my mind is the World Trade Center, though. Remember when people could be seen to be jumping to their deaths? Were they to be expected to preserve their lives as long as they could before jumping? Were they to let every flame scorch their skin before being crushed or burned to death? When does it pass the line where it’s okay to not wait for the miracle, the rescue, any longer? I haven’t a clue. I think that more than anything this is a question that illustrates the need for each individual to be close to God on a personal level. It would have to be between the individual and God – and if the individual’s life has been lived in such a way that he is too distant from God to hear the voice of God then it may be impossible for that person to know.

    The question also reminds me of those who have been told that they have only ____ years / months / weeks left to live and then go on to find that their lives are prolonged and they are able to continue on living and being a source of good. What a tragedy if those people had received the news of inoperable cancer and chose to just end it rather than live on and discover a miracle.

    So short answer: I have no idea.

    As for the person “assisting” in the act – I don’t know what would happen in the afterlife, but I can guess that participating in ending another person’s life could seriously screw up a person’s mental health.

  3. whiteraven Says:

    Hmm yeah I was just wondering, you know Greg you are kind of a cool guy. I found a lump a while back, but it is not yet known to me what it is. But of course it got me thinking a little and cancer does run in my family my grandfather just came home and chose to die. But he died naturally and just let the cancer take him but he suffered greatly. I myself would rather die quick, to live is to suffer in my eyes. Though I have a deep thresh hold for pain I would rather not have to deal with it.

    I been reading the bible like I have never read anything before, and Ornerycat I have found is my wife at least in God’s eyes. If that is the case than I have made a really crappy husband also again in the eyes of Elohim but I have always looked at marriage as a legal thing and not in the eyes of God. According to her she is married in the eyes of God, But of course the reason I am always fighting with her is because I do not disagree with her, I agree we should be free to make a religious decision without the state, of course be careful of what you say when you say that, because the state and the eyes of God are not the same thing at all. By her reasoning not only am I married to her I would be her second husband by the way I am also married to two other women and from what I have read so far that is not a sin, however what made us married in the eyes of God is a sin.

    The act of Adultery is not what everybody thinks it is, you can not pick and choose what sins are o.k. and what sins are not o.k. you can not say I am a sinner but God still loves me so I am sure he will go easy on me. So I guess I have to stop being a jerk now, of course to her reasoning she is not being a very good wife either.

    You do know that you do not have to be married to commit adultery right? You are aware that “ANY” sexual deviance is Adultery right? When I say “ANY” I mean everything even the slightest touch in an area with your cloths still on is an adulterous act.

    How can someone that claims they are Agnostic ask for religious freedom that they know nothing about? The problem with this society truly is that, people start fitting the law to suite them and not God (the law of Elohim, later by moses called YHWH Elohim which means Lord God) They say I am not wrong because I do this or that. But the fact is in Gods eyes you are wrong and you will be brought before the council for judgement.

    Ah I am ranting, well I asked a simple question and you answered it honestly so hats off to you. Religion will get me going forever, you ask a religious question on here and I can go on forever, I am thinking of reading the book of mormon next cause I am curious, I read it as a kid but forgotten a lot of it, all I remember is the slaying of some guy with plates and a whole bunch of wars.

    Well see you later.

  4. White Raven Says:

    Ah yes my avatar, good old voyager. He is a sick bastard I think he suites my personality very well. Unethical experiments for the good of humanity that is what I represent. So your friend put on her site that she does not believe that the government should contract marriage. I agree why don’t we get rid of all our government contracts, why stop at marriage why should I have a license to drive a car? Lets dump our weapons contracts too, no need for those.

    So um Greg by that reasoning, you are legally married right? So that means you beat your wife everyday? By their reasoning you do, my God I thought I said some stupid stuff but that is beating me. On the scale of stupid I am losing. If that what is libertarians really represent than count me out man! I want to start my own group. I should not call my second wife stupid that would be disrespectful of course its not like she has been respecting her husband.

    Well got to go enjoy my new avatar.

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