A Letter to a Disturbed Internet Schemer

Dear White Raven,

I and a few others have read your recent comments to the post “The Mormon Thing” and we have been disturbed by what we read.

I view your comment that you are “gathering an army against the children of Moroni” as a threat that you plan to do some violent act against people of the Mormon faith. In that post and in another post that has since been deleted for its content, you glorified mall, church, and school shootings as some sort of “awakening.” In the deleted post, you mentioned that you believe in “blood atonement,” implying that you believe people who have wronged you should spill their blood to pay for it.

You have been pretty careful not to say anything outright, which you know would not be tolerated on this site. But these are still implied threats.

Let me tell you, these comments are not funny. People don’t laugh when they think about innocent children gunned down by hate-filled murderers who imagined the wrongs against them. Nobody is amused or entertained by what you say. In fact, these comments are only irritating to readers and disrespectful to the people who died in these incidents.

Only this week in my former home of four years, people were killed for doing nothing more than going to church to worship their God. A disturbed man, after making threats on the internet, took out his frustrations on people who had nothing whatever to do with his problems. Thankfully, his incoherent “retribution” on people he had never seen before ended promptly because the church was fed-up with threats and allowed church members to volunteer as security. A heroic woman killed him and prevented more trouble.

Tell me, how are you any different than this man?

There are only two reasons that a person would say the things you’ve said. The first reason is that you are planning some grotesque act to “right the wrongs” you think you’ve suffered.

The other reason is that you want people to think you are planning such an act. This is where I’m leaning. Under both of these reasons, you would want the same sort of morbid attention. The only difference is one of degree–how far you are willing to go to get it. This tough guy/fear me act does not make people respect you, like you, or even listen to you.  You only become further isolated because nobody wants to hear these things you are saying. This is not the way to get attention.

Here is my point: I don’t know you and I couldn’t stop you on the off chance that you are really planning something. But this website is not going to be the place where you broadcast your messages of hate to anybody who is bored enough to read what you say. This is not the place where you will leave your “manifesto”–the collection of nonsense attempting and failing to explain what you did.

Further, this website is not going to be the place where you make yourself feel big by making implied and actual threats, without accountability thanks to the internet, about what you want people to think you could do.

I will leave the comment you left to “The Mormon Thing” to show readers why I wrote this letter. Future comments will be vigorously screened and probably deleted.

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One Response to “A Letter to a Disturbed Internet Schemer”

  1. White Raven Says:

    My dear boy I am not planning anything against you who are evil. I do not need to, man has done that for me. Blood atonement you should know what that means, it has nothing to do with me, I did not make the rule God did. Do you know what a blood atonement is? Lets take that thing you said about the girl who shot the guy that was mowing people down. That woman took out what is called a blood atonement. The man committing a slightly mass murder had to be destroyed, the woman who spilled his blood gave him atonement for the sin of murder. That my boy is a blood atonement. Another example is the obvious what we call the death penalty, except one thing is missing from our penalty that is the blood spilling down to the ground to release the spirits. It is in the bible my boy give me time and I will show you where the blood atonement is written into law.

    As for the awakening, that is my word for what is happening now in the generation of the fig tree my boy. You are living in the awakening, I am not the creator of such a thing in fact I think that it is a vile thing indeed. However I can do nothing about it and neither can you. We have no control of what we have made the people into in this vile country.

    I will tell you this, I do not own any gun of any kind, I consider them barbaric much like you people. You ever heard the parable “those who live by the sword die by the sword”. Well I believe in that as if I were to own a gun. I know you are going to say it is your right to own a gun, to protect yourself, and that these things would not happen if more people owned more guns. However I ask you now how many people were shot before the guy was taken down by yet another gun? The fact that the person may have made a “heroic” effort to stop the gun man did not stop the shooting in the first place.

    Why don’t you do all of us a favor and next time you see someone picking on someone to no end because they are different than others why don’t you intercede and stop that? That is where the problem lies isn’t it? As for the children of moroni, you leave that to me, they must atone for what they have done. Those very people create the very people that kill people for no reason at all. I am not to judge them, as you think I am to, I am not ordered to go around killing every person that claims to be a child of moroni. That is not my duty and I shall not stand accused of it my boy.

    That is like me calling you a baby killer just cause you are in the military, if I should feel shame for the victims of other people than you should feel shame for your countries secret wars. They have made people live amongst their live bombs. Who is more twisted here? think on that for a while that is all I have to say to you for now.

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