Linuxing it up at the ol’ Howard Jones Express

I’m sitting in a bed in the Howard Jones Express in Salt Lake City. I must be somewhere near the railroad tracks. Guess how I know. I think I would have felt disappointed if there hadn’t been some kind of train horn or sirens or gang wars going on in the vicinity of any given Howard Jones motel.

Thought I ought to update the concerned citizens of the intertubes. I’m still using Ubuntu. It’s been mostly good. There have been some weird bugs, which I understood from the beginning would be likely to happen. There have been some weirder bugs that I didn’t expect which have apparently gone away on thier own. Linux bugs are moody, I guess.

Good things: It’s speedy and easy to upgrade / add programs. Desktop effects make me feel more awesome than the sterile windows users. When I find a problem I discover that somebody else has already figured out how to fix it and I don’t have to use a useless support script made by a soulless giant in redmond washington.

Bad things: It’s not perfect. Why is it that I expect perfection from Linux but put up with hundreds of flaws in windows? I’ve been programmed. I’ve figured out how to fix most of the problems I’ve encountered so far, but I still understand so little. One last bad thing: I still have to use my windows box to play warcraft or other windows games. I know some people have gotten these games working with WINE but it’s fairly technical and still imperfect.

As for being a student, I find that the laptop is perfectly acceptable. In fact in every way but in playing some of the newest games, Linux is preferable to windows. I find it more stable and more fun (once I get it working right…) .

Finally, I find myself wondering between horn blares if closing the site to but a select few was the best thing to do. It could be much better this way. It could wither and die.



One Response to “Linuxing it up at the ol’ Howard Jones Express”

  1. Benski Says:

    Hey Greg,
    Top notch job on the fudge. Thanks a lot. I liked the white ones particularly. Sadly, the baby got into them and ate most of it. It looked like she enjoyed it too.

    I like how the site is set up too. It’s better to have it open so we can generate some conversation. FYI, being an administrator lets me approve my own comments.

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