Exercise and being healthy

My Doctor and Dietition have ordered me onto a healthy diet and a basic exercise program to get me back in shape. I’ve been doing fairly well with it, and have been walking at lunchtime with a workmate, and really trying to eat the right things.
Today Ali and I decided to have a bit of a stroll in the park, but we didn’t want to deal with the inevitable tourist traffic in the parking lots in the middle of Hagley, so we parked on the street just out of the Central City, and walked through the golf course, and into the park itself.
It was such a lovely day for a walk, not overly hot, with a few clouds to give us some respite from the sun. As expected, the park was filled with people, but it is so large we soon lost ourselves in it, only pausing for a few minutes on an inviting park bench next to a lily-pad filled pond.
It felt like we walked every inch of the park, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We then made our way out of the park, which turned into a tiring final push to make it to our distant car! Very good for the fitness, but my decidedly unfit body was now protesting loudly!! We got back to the car, and stopped by a handy Shell station and grabbed some drinks, and headed home.
Whew! Good exercise! I will have to bring my camera next time as the park this time of year is gorgeous, and the rose garden in full bloom.
Maybe I can convince my loving husband to make this a weekly event? :)


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