More Online Goodness

Meet the DoctorI just wanted to drop a note here that points you in the direction of my new favorite online comic.  (credit goes to RavenPaine who told me about it.)  It’s called Dr. McNinja.  It’s about a doctor who is also a ninja, or vice-versa.  the address is and I highly recommend you check it out for some hilarious laughs in serial comic style.

You’ll have to go back to understand what’s going on in the story, but it’s worth it.  You may want to go back to the first issue, where a young boy is struck with Paul Bunyan disease, grows to 30 feet and tries to rampage against trees while Dr. McNinja and his Gorilla secretary have to simultaneously cure him and protect him from novelty-sign bounty hunters who want to stuff the new Paul Bunyan and sell him to a flapjack house.

Or you could start at the latest issue where Dr. McNinja is trying to save zombie-Benjamin Franklin from an unknown fate planned by Dracula.

Yeah, It’s that kind of comic.


One Response to “More Online Goodness”

  1. lifeinvenice Says:

    My friend loves that comic :)

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