Some Super-Tuesday-Eve Thoughts

I just wanted to say that I find it quite refreshing that we have such a variety of candidates this go-round. Even now that many of them have been eliminated, we still have a healthy selection. In fact, we haven’t had such a selection of real candidates for president since… well, never.

Back in 2000, I remember being rather unimpressed with Gore and Bush. I voted for Bush because somebody said, “Hey, he’s pro-military.” I think the election was so close because America didn’t want either of those characters to be President. No matter who people voted for, many said “I chose the lesser of two evils.”

In 2004, we had the choice between the incumbent who performed decently in a crisis and an admitted war criminal/hippie. I’m sure he was popular with pacifists, but the man is such a waffling imbecile that he didn’t stand a chance. Bush could have clubbed baby seals and eaten kittens and still would have won. Again, the American people faced a lack of options. (Partly because having an incumbent republican president eliminates half the choices). 

Here we have some real innovative contenders. I don’t mean to oversimplify these people but it’s irrestable: we have a woman, an african-american, a mormon, and a POW. Talk about innovation. I didn’t think any of the first three would be on the ballot for fifty years. I’d like to think that these candidates reflect an atmosphere of tolerance in the US.

We have a female former first lady and sitting senator. She has a wealth of experience herself and the support of a great former president by her side. She has a strong character and is a trailblazer; she has been the first female parter in her law firm, the first female NY senator, and by jove, could be the first female President. She’s the first one to even have a shot.

We have a talented young black senator who may be a little light on political experience, but he is familiar with social justice issues, having been a civil rights attorney. He appears to be an idea man with strong positions and an air that seems, well… Presidential.

We have a mormon former governor and businessman. Even though he has been criticized as a waffler himself, the man has a record with money. He saved the 2002 Olympics. He is a strong organizer and leader and has a lot of potential. He has also managed to remain active LDS in politics.

We have a war hero and firecracker senator. He has real experience that informs his opinions about foreign policy. He is a centrist and could help close the rift between the left and the right. While he is a republican, he doesn’t swear by their dogma and is open minded enough to adopt other positions.

There are others, including a former baptist minister who plays bass in a rock band, but I think their day in the sun is over.

Anyway, I’ve never felt such divided loyalty between so many candidates. At one time or another I have said to myself about each candidate, “I hope he/she wins.”

We have some good choices in every one of them.


One Response to “Some Super-Tuesday-Eve Thoughts”

  1. Benski Says:

    I could eat my words about Huckabee. It’s possible he may have a shot as evidenced by W. Virginia. More to follow…

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