It Seemed the Proper Way

Today, my 24 month old daughter asked my wife “Potty?” Just to humor her, my wife pull down the baby’s diaper and sat her on the toilet. Get this: she actually peed! It wasn’t just a fluke because she asked again before she went to bed.

I know that all of you without kids are wondering what the big deal is. Well, I suppose part of it is that she is my own daughter and I am watching her grow up. But also, kids don’t really do this as far as I’ve heard.  I understood that you had to be able to explain to the child what they are supposed to do. It isn’t that easy to do. Some kids struggle with potty training until they are almost 4 (among worst case scenarios).

She seems like a pretty sharp kid. I wonder who showed her how to do that. Nobody… it seemed the proper way.

(Okay, she probably watches the kids at day care.)

One Response to “It Seemed the Proper Way”

  1. brick79 Says:

    Congratulations on having an incredibly smart kid!! I can only hope ours is a fifth that easy. :)

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