My Loyal Scooter Army

SpreeJanice had been wanting to get  a scooter so she could be in our scooter club. So I got her a little 1986 Honda Spree from Colorado. It’s a fun little starter bike. It weighs 80 lbs. It wasn’t much to look at when I bought it, but with a little patience and some money it has turned into a cool looking ride. I copied the paint design from some vespa Janice saw on the internet. She got to pick the colors. It has a british flag painted on the front fender. It had some mechanical problems–somebody lost the steering bearings, drilled out the lock, put the engine together wrong, and set the idle to 3/4 throttle. But I acquired some mail order parts and got everything ship-shape.


But I had also been getting a little antsy myself. Summer was coming up and I wanted something with more power and a bigger. My 6’2″ frame has been a tight fit in my little Yamaha Vino that I’ve been riding for three years.  I had been watching craigslist for Genuine Stella (Updated vintage Vespa PX150) for some time and one finally popped up that I could get on board with the price. Actually, I got a smokin’ deal. I can’t believe how long I’ve waited to get this thing. It’s my dream scooter. I always told myself I’d get one when I had a steady job. But instead, I reasoned I can afford it because I got a big tax return and the promise of an economic stimulus check. God bless America.

It is EVERYTHING I’d ever hoped. I go out to the garage to look at it and smile.

Anyway, while I was down in Denver I also stopped by a garage sale where a guy was selling an older yamaha. I figure I’ll get it running and sell it and the Vino.

But as of right now we have four scooters. Check out the lineup.

Scooter Line


4 Responses to “My Loyal Scooter Army”

  1. Greg Says:

    I love vespa scooters. Great decision.

    always reminds me of that show, FLCL… remember?

  2. andy Says:

    is that vino a 125cc? i just got a vino 125 and wondered about the size in comparison to a stella. i’m 6’3″ so i’m pretty tall for the scooter world.

  3. Benski Says:

    No it’s a 50cc. The stella is WAY bigger. I’m 6’2″ and I felt like I was curled up in a ball on the Vino. It was still fun.

    But the Stella is actually more like a two-seater. I can take my wife out and still be comfortable.

  4. Hi Says:

    Nice yellow scooter man, ololol

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