Facebook is Stupid.

You know what bugs me? I signed up to these things like facebook and myspace to keep in touch with my real friends. But I keep getting these friend invitations from random people from my high school. I say to myself “Okay, if you want to start talking now after all these years–when I didn’t even know you at all–that’s cool.” I’m a friendly guy, why not? But these people never say anything. If I send them a message, I get some meaningless “howdoyado” reply or nothing at all for weeks. I always wanted a group of friends that I don’t speak to.

Are these people adding me just to pad their stats? It’s amazing–like the same old high school games. “I’m so popular that EVERYONE is my friend. Soon I will have marshalled an Army strong enough to dominate this Middle-Earth!” Seriously, these people add like 5-10 friends a day. That’s all I see on my “news feed.”

 Here’s the thing: I hated high school. Why would I want to re-live it by linking up with these people? Also, it kind of makes the stock of my real friends go down when they are crowded out by these friend hunters.

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31 Responses to “Facebook is Stupid.”

  1. nick chan Says:

    everyday I got email from facebook saying “You’re Owned!” or soemething.

    What a waste of time in this short life

  2. Boo Radley Says:

    Absolutely – Facebook is dumb… I get friend invites or look up old friends and become FB “friends” only to never hear from them… And the updates on them are sooo stupid and banal… “Such-and-such just sent such-and-such a Long Island Iced Tea – What kind of drink are you?”

    I dunno maybe I’m doing it wrong or have no close friends on F/B, but why would people invite/accept your invite if they weren’t going to bother with real communication…. Dumb Dumb Dumb…

  3. john Says:

    well, it’s pretty obvious who were absolute losers when they were at high school (I’m lookin’ at you Benski, nick chan and Boo Radley) If you think facebook and myspace suck so much, why don’t you just delete your account and stop wasting space in forums? :)

  4. Benski Says:

    A few small points:

    This isn’t a forum. It’s a blog. “Facebook is Stupid” was posted in the Rants category, meaning that it was meant as an opinion expressed in the form of a complaint. Maybe you should post a Rant called “High School losers shouldn’t whine about Facebook: The only place I can re-live slapping that guy’s butt in the locker room after we almost beat those guys from so-and-so.” You could think about what you’ll write about while you’re flipping burgers tonight.

  5. John Says:

    Hmmm, true true. Maybe you could write a rant about how bad socialisation is. You could think about what you’ll write while your finding a way to have intercourse with your scooter tonight.

  6. Justin Says:


  7. Joe Blogs Says:

    Whatcha talking ’bout Benski? Highschool was rad.

  8. thewinneranon Says:

    what’s really funny is to see they people who did nothing with their lives try to re-live high school – going to the bars/clubs, looking trashy, trying to be ‘popular’ at 30 years old – it’s so pathetic – they have no clue how stupid they look to other people that have made something of themselves after high school/college – see this group


  9. Evelyn Says:

    im sorry guys but john is right you have to overcome your sadist fantasies about little vintage scooters and get a real hobby. for crying out loud the batmobile was intended to be a muscle machine not a tinny kids vespa. john’s right you guys are saaaaaaaad. brain, f****d.

  10. Evelyn Says:

    btw is that you justin little. if so dont you agree that these guys are A+ class nerds . W.H reverse it round .

    yeah so what if im this bored . im waiting on ebay and its like 10 at night. f— benski what a lame name. stupid Kraut go commit genocide you filthy gerry.

  11. karl Says:

    btw is that you justin little with the fatty lay off him post? i cuda sworn. its W.H reverse it round. these guys are nerds and its fun ruining their life while we live good lives of great academic marks, weight lifting, hoop jamming goodness. not to mention we dont contract HIV from scooters we spotted outside the pub . what a stupid name. benski . reminds me of a … KRAUT!!! . seriously you guys are horrible. genocide. damn germans. scooter nerds who look like pasty pre pubescent 14 year olds shouldn’t get the internet or facebook . i mean we already have one nerd in our class. cough alex.. lol go hail hitler and f— your scooters. i think jews are better then you . you disgust me. and if you dont allow this post up then it shows your weakness and we’ll be laughing. hard.

  12. karl Says:

    you gutless f——

  13. karl Says:

    why wont you let me post !!! F—–S

  14. karl Says:

    hello is this a scotter forum i have old scotters i am trying to sell italian stuff my sister owned

  15. Benski Says:

    Dear Karl, Evelyn, Justin, and John–or the same douche with the same IPs and too much time on his hands.

    Are you STILL posting here? I marked your comments as spam when they deteriorated into mere links to pornography. I had to sift through the Viagra links in the spam folder to find the latest.

    Here’s my favorite: “we live good lives of great academic marks, weight lifting, hoop jamming goodness.”

    Is this where you tell me how you’re not a loser? Sorry, John. I’m getting a different picture from the 30-ish other comments you’ve left at 6-mile and Scooter Banter in the past couple weeks.

    If you insist, we can continue this witty repartee. I’ll check back in a couple weeks, if I have time, and look through a couple of the dozens of comments you will have left in response to this one.


  16. Marko Says:

    Tbh i will have to agree with Benski about 1 thing. Facebook = sucks and fails
    I just got into uni and when we have programing 95% of all other retards spam in explorer Facebook!! Retards are addicted and cant w8 to some other retard comment on their pic or post, so they would feel better, phatetic. I got bored obviouslly and log on some porn site just for the sake of it, and all others in went mental like: “omg why arent u checking facebook???”
    me: ” GTFO “.

  17. Edge of Idaho Says:

    I have a life. I don’t need the likes of Facebook or MySpace. Stay away from idiot stuff like that. Make real friends. Real LIVE friends. The Internet is crap. False. Fleeting. Instead, pick up the phone and call a friend or relative you haven’t talked to for a long time and you’ll remember why you love them. Go next door and chat with a neighbor, one on one, so you can look into each other’s eyes. Turn off the computer. Turn off the tv. Go outside. Particpate in life, not just a digital representation of it. Good luck and may God bless us all.

  18. Harlow Says:

    I agree…not too long ago I’ve deactivated my account from FACEBOOK because my grades in college have gone down and I could not sleep or eat. It has consumed me and it is not a good website, also I have found an “exe” and it did not go too good. At first, it seemed pretty harmless and stuff but I went crazy and I wanted to never be away from the computer. Therefore, I have become a slave to a machine, how stupid, huh? I wish someone ban FACEBOOK forever!

  19. BannedbyFB Says:

    I liked facebook because it makes communication with friends easier and stuff, especially when you are living away from them. I also use it to have groups for student organizations at school.

    But stupid facebook banned me because one of my friends decided to upload porn onto my profile without me being aware.. And they sent a warning email saying “i might be banned if i continue” and didn’t even wait for me to respond and banned me immediately..

    Such thing happened to my cousin.. FB banned him because he sent too many messages on facebook. I feel like those people don’t have friends..

  20. john von neumann Says:

    facebook is gay. along with myspace and tagged and so on.

    they are all there to capture human information.

    Only god knows what they are doing with all these information.

    Probably sell it to CIA, and advertising companies.

    Funking Facebook.

  21. Danny Says:

    Karl, Evelyn, Justin, and John thats just sad…Too much time on your hands…
    by the way Benski I Agree

  22. Molly Says:

    I totally agree. I am soooo against facebook. All my friends have one and supposidley they have over 200 friends. I mean do they really have more than four friends in real life. And the other day they were like,” this kid only has 57 friends” and I said wow thats a lot and they looked at me like I had four eyes.

  23. Mr.Rant Says:

    I agree with Benski, some of the people who send me message’s have the whole damn high school on their list but, they knew about 10% of them!!! IF THAT.

    It’s all about “look at me and how many non-mates I got!”

    I have real friends (on facebook aswell) not one’s who add you but, then never even reply after inviting in the first place.
    God get a life………………

  24. Katie Says:

    i tried to make an account like my sister and they said i couldnt cuz the dawn e mail was already used! what’s up with that?

  25. Mike kolti Says:

    I would also loke to add that a resistance against this crap better start soon before it takes over our lives, whatever happened to actually talking to people?

  26. Mike kolti Says:

    Good day, I would like to sum up in a short paragraph why facebook can kiss my ass. I am 18, I have always been shy, and am trying to make more friends. I thought, hey facebook can help me, maybe even get a girlfriend like everyone else, everyone I tried to talk to or hook up with i was blatenly ignored or deleted as their friend, so i said \234 you all and left. I am in the same boat as you, and you know what, we don’t need it, its all bullcrap.

  27. Maria Says:

    Glad to know I’m not the only one who hates Facebook. I got so irritated looking at the ridiculous shit people posted on the wall. Examples: ” Been working all day, so tired, can’t wait to get home.” ” Today my little Caitlin had her first day at kindergarten.” Wow. Who gives a shit? Post something of interest. Another one: ” Pray for so and so, Jesus will answer out prayers.” One of my “friends” would give updates about her day-every day- at least every 4 or 5 hours and use baby talk. Vomit.
    A bunch of people I vaguely remember from high school sending me friend requests.
    I prefer to have friends in the flesh, not some fake, egotistical friend on Facebook who have to tell everyone every mundane detail of their boring day.

  28. billyeveryteen Says:


  29. danny Says:

    I have to definitely agree with all those in favor, that Facebook is just a load of crap. I hate having to read lame staus updates that i could care less about. I sure you all know what i’m talking about. Get life!

  30. Kim Says:

    Maria you make me laugh, I totally agree I have to admit I was on fb for some time but never was one to post every single detail of my life, so boring and like you said who really cares!!! I finally was able to cancel my acct for good, I hate that when I would deactivate in the past your info was still on there, in 2 weeks it will be deleted for good, Thank God!!!

  31. J@y@ Says:

    i agree, facebook is a piece of crap. i had a profile for a little while, but it was soooo stupid, with all my friends complaning about everything. they should get off facebook and get a reality check.

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