Movies – BAM!

I, like most of my friends, really like movies.  I like the art that film can sometimes be.  I enjoy the experience of going to the theater and paying too much for popcorn and sitting with friends – some of whom hate everything.

I actually have to fight hard to not make every post I write on Sixmile not be about movies or reviews of other media.  Maybe that’s a sign.   But it’s been a while so here’s some movie news you may not have heard, most of which comes from :

Keanu Reeves is apparently attached to play Spike in the proposed COWBOY BEBOP live action movie.

There’s a big push in Hollywood right now towards anime.  I guess this is because we’re running out of superhero and comic book movies so the next big thing is going to be turning japanese cartoons into big budget movies – this includes dragonball z, akira, and apparently Cowboy Bebop.  The proposed budget is described as being “HUGE.”

Miyazaki released a new movie in japan last week.  It should be in the US sometime this year.  Looks… weird.

Tron 2 is in production…  With John Lasseter behind the camera.

Pixar has the new teaser for their next film: “Up.

And, finally, the trailer for Watchmen looks amazing, despite what you may have heard.

Still writing occasionally,


2 Responses to “Movies – BAM!”

  1. Benski Says:

    Somebody was telling me about Watchmen. It sounds pretty cool, but I couldn’t make heads or tails of the trailer. One part of the clip has a guy dressed up like Die Fledermaus from the Tick. I thought, “Oh great, here’s another Daredevil movie.” I didn’t even know it wasn’t about Daredevil until the title at the end.

    In talking to a guy that had read the graphic novel, I found out that the guy in the suit was a “Masked Man” something like Batman. They are the copy cat superheroes, without special powers. I assume that the glowing blue guy is the real superhero. But it sounds like an interesting concept–post apoctalyptic 1980’s…
    And that Frank Miller’s name is on the top left of the title will guarantee that I buy a ticket.

  2. greg Says:

    Actually, some of them do have super powers, such as the blue guy.

    the idea is that there are some heros who are banned by theit government and some who have recieved government sanction.

    One of them is killed – thrown out a highrise window (you see that in the trailer) and the guy with the white and black mask starts to investigate, leading him to question other super heros and revealing their human nature and leading to the question of who watches the watchmen.

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