Blog Censorship

I’ve been thinking lately, for no particular reason, about censorship and what role it should play in blogging–particularly within this blog.

As a general rule, personal attacks were not allowed on Six Mile Village. In addition to that, I have always felt that if a comment is not interesting or if nobody could possibly ever want to read it, then it shouldn’t be allowed either. But the truth is, it’s a pretty biased judgment call to use that test. Some people like reading crap.

Maybe it’s time to propose a new rule: If you write crap, your crap had better be funny, or thoughtful, or something. It shouldn’t be just a list of epithets. As always, no profanity, no pornography, no threats.

Of course your crap would be moderated…

I’m not trying to lay down the law here. I’m just opening it up for discussion. I really want to know what you think, Greg. I know that there were problems about this issue in the old Six Mile Village. If you want, we can go back to normal, and I won’t egg on commenters who break the rules even though they ended with a smiley face.



2 Responses to “Blog Censorship”

  1. greg Says:

    Dude, why you got to be like that?


    (what I like about this comment is that depending on your mood it could be interpreted as funny, ironic or mean.)

  2. Greg Says:

    Here’s how I see it: Some folks have editing privileges on this site and some don’t. It’s for a reason. If those who have those privileges don’t mind idiots then let the idiots speak, but it’s not like there’s any journalistic obligation to show all sides of a discussion here or anything. Shewt. We owe the idiots nothing save what derisive laughter we choose to impart.

    If I were to sum up this line of thought I would call it “I don’t really care either way as long as we keep away from creepy online stalking again”TM. (all rights reserved)

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