Lawyer School and Interviewing

I’ve had a bunch of job interviews with law firms and government this week. It’s been pretty interesting because I never could understand why you start getting interviews right at the start of your second year of Law School. It’s kind of tricky because you think your just interviewing for next year’s summer position.

But what your really doing is getting a chance to hear from the employer what they want. You can steer your legal education and tailor it to fit their needs. If you are going to work in litigation (trials), you should put a lot more emphasis in moot court competitions, as well as a school emphasis in what area of law you want to litigate in. If you are going to work in transactions, you need to steer your courses to become an expert in the area that the company needs.

The bottom line: You really need to commit to something. This is a hard undertaking when you don’t know what these new areas of law entail. If you commit, you are more likely to get that job that you dream about.

If you stay diverse and vague, you’ll probably get a job where they don’t care about your experience as long as you’re a member of the bar. That’s fine if that’s what you want.

It might seem elementary that you should study the subject that you want to practice. But I hadn’t realized there was so much opportunity for specialization BEFORE you get out of school. I had thought the law was like medicine, where you specialize after Med school (this might not be true either).


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