Fare thee well, vista…

Well, Ryan was right, as I knew he would be – at least in the eventuality of time I knew it – that I’d come limping back to linux after another disappointing Microsoft relationship; and that the only thing that could get her putrid smell off of me would be a long hot shower of open source love.

I just didn’t think it would only be a week.

The simple fact of the matter is that without an acutal vista install disk – only a laptop restore disk – I couldn’t negotiate the trecherous waters of that unseen land – the master boot record.  While trying, unsuccessfully, to use the fabled “Ultimate Boot CD” tools I was forced to study my alternatives.

The main thing that kept a partition of our hard drive relegated to a windows product was the need to use internet explorer for certain business transactions.  A simple google search for “internet explorer in ubuntu” revelealed, like moses to the children of israel, a way.

Not that I hated vista.

But it wasn’t that I liked her, either.



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