A Brief History and Comment on Prop 8

I wrote this as a comment to Greg’s post from a little while back, but decided to put it on the front page instead. I’ve been blown away by news out of California. This whole thing has been just amazing. I’ve compiled a brief history here for context:

1. In the year 2000, California citizens approve California code amendment banning gay marriage (prop 22) with 61% majority.

2. State legislature TWICE approves bill allowing gay marriage (which would nullify the democratically enacted code amendment).

3. Governor twice vetoes the bill, citing the aforementioned democratically enacted Prop 22.

4. In 2008, California Supreme Court strikes down the democratically enacted code provision as unconstitutional (against the California constitution). The Court based its holding on the unprecedented view that sexual orientation was a protected class.

5. In Nov. 2008, California voters approve a constitutional amendment that defines marriage as only allowed between one man and one woman.

6. Today, Gay marriage proponents gnash their teeth, protest outside of temples, burn scriptures on LDS church doors, attack the elderly, make threats, intimidate proposition backers, and generally lose their minds. Oh yeah, they also have challenged the constitutionality of the constitutional amendment.

There is a theme running through this brief narrative: overriding the democratic will. Instead of garnering enough support to vote down these propositions, they have to sneak their tax perks and the title “marriage” in through some other way. I am amazed that a State Legislature would try to undermine a bill that was enacted by the will of the people.

I am also amazed that a State Supreme Court would read into its state statutes and constitution a provision that makes Gays a protected class when no other court has done this.

Finally, I’m amazed that people are publishing the names of supporters of the proposition in a blatant attempt to stifle and punish them for following their own consciences. Some have lost their jobs or had to resign because of their support of Prop 8. Make no mistake: if these people could get ahold of the ballots themselves, they would be retaliating against individual voters. But because they can’t find many voter necks to strangle, they take out their frustration on the LDS church.

So their ill-gotten gains are snatched away by the will of the people. I’d say “cry me a river,” if I wasn’t afraid that they’d beat-up my Grandma or use a Book of Mormon to set my house ablaze.


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