Tom Clancy’s Debt of Honor and Executive Orders.

I finished two books by Tom Clancy recently: “Debt of Honor” and “Executive Orders.”

Debt of Honor was, I thought, one of Clancy’s best. As usual, it begins with multiple threads combining into an interesting tapestry of international conflict. Jack Ryan figures large yet again as a member of the cabinet of the presidency of the USA.

The funny thing, though, is that I can’t really say much more about it except that it’s good in the same way that all the other Clancy novels are good, and bad in the same ways, too. What should I say? Did you like “Hunt for Red October?” You’ll like this. “Sum of All Fears” on your list? Put this on too.

I personally liked it better than any other Clancy novel I’ve read, but I can’t say why. Maybe it’s just me. I guess the only way to find out is for you to read it yourself.

Executive Orders was more like a combination of the boring parts of “Rainbow Six,” and the good parts of “Sum of All Fears” along with a huge pile of Ayn Rand. There was a lot of fun plots, twists, and turns and conflicts, but the whole thing was dunked in Clancy’s personal political views throughout and it was actually difficult to continue reading despite the compelling story.

Executive Orders was a book that should have been phenomenal and ends up being both pandering and condescending.


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