The Old Six Mile Village.

The original SixMile Village site content is now available for your perusal and/or mockery on a new, trendy wordpress site.  You can direct your thanks to Ryan, who made it happen in his spare time (which he doesn’t have.) by applying his massive genius to what he considers a rather trivial problem.  Go, Ryan!

Some people may wonder why we didn’t just put it on this site as old content.  The answer is that I didn’t feel the feeling of the two sites really matched up.  The old site was a high-traffic, fast shootin’, rage filled, over-intellectual, screaming fat man dancing in the middle of the freeway, daring people to try and run over him kind of site.   The new site is more like a jolly fat man who sits in his recliner telling stories of the old days and drawing eye patches on all the pictures in the newspaper.   Maybe it’s better that way, I don’t know.   It just seems better to have some sort of division, and thereby continue on with the new feeling of the site and see where it goes without the legacy of the old site attached to it.

Also, I think there’s lots of writing communities out there that have plenty of room for overopinionated students with nothing better to do than criticize other overopinionated students.  I hope for something a bit different here.  What, I don’t know, and any suggestions are appreciated.

Anyway, just wanted to let all know,  the site is back now.   Like a brain-eating zombie.  Coming back to eat your brain.  Like zombies do.  At

mmm…. brains.


I now include a strip from a webcomic to make us happier than we were a few moments ago.

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic


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